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R.A.P.E. | Harry Cheema | Lollievox

As an Artist, a sense of responsibilty against your listeners, your society, your fellow beings comes naturaly. Very few artists today realize and feel this but the one who does is true to his art.

Harry Cheema, a producer and rapper from Chandigarh speaks about the bitter truths of reality and asks the so called “men”
Are they really serving the purpose of why God made them? Instead of being a savior, he is constantly finding ways to tear her clothes apart. Be it with his hands or his eyes.

Harry Cheema talks about the pain that females have to go through, and what they have to bear for rest of their lives. He is one of the few artists to understand their responsibility and raise a voice.

Facebook: facebook.com/HarryCheemaMusic
Twitter: @cheema_harmeet
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/harrycheema
Instagram: instagram.com/iamcheema


Official Website: lollievox.com
Facebook: facebook.com/LollieVoxOfficial
Twitter: @Lollievox
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/laurie-webb

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Keepsake-Buddhiheen 2

Keepsake- Buddhiheen 2 EP

Buddhiheen 2

Keepsake drops his brand new EP titled “Buddhiheen 2″. This 3 track EP is follow up to his 2012 EP “Buddhiheen”. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Behter Ft. Dee Mc and Niyati Singh

2. Bolo Toh

3. Neend

DRS Spoke to Keepsake about his new EP “Buddhiheen 2″, and here is what he had to say:

was planning from 2012 to release Buddhiheen 2, but never got the time.
These songs were for Prabuddh, since Prabuddh is shelved now and i didn’t wanted to waste any of my lyrics so I decided to record them for Buddhiheen 2 . All of these songs are based on some portions of my life. Also, In the first song Behter, I asked Mumbai’s Dee MC to do the hook and she agreed, she sang marvelously. S/O Niyati for the voice clip. Also Thanks to Bahwee & Eric kuhn for letting me use their Instrumentals,  S/O Anuj Rajoria for the Album Cover, Thank you DRS for the unlimited support!

Listen to Buddhiheen 2 EP Here:


Download “Buddhiheen 2 EP”: Click to Download



Facebook: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage

Twitter: @IamKeepSake


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Mumbai’s Finest- Talli Dance [Kru172’s G-Mix]

Mumbai’s finest have dropped the remix to their track “Talli Dance”. The track is titled “Talli Dance [Kru172’s G-Mix]”. It contains the original vocals and original artist line-up, and a new beat, produced by Kru172. Mumbai’s Finest have made a new video, which comprises of their live show performances at various events, along with B-Boy battles, featuring some of Mumbai’s biggest hip-hop crews.


Mumbai’s Finest:

Facebook: facebook.com/mumbaisfinest

Twitter: @mumbaisfinest



Official Website: www.kru172.com

Facebook: facebook.com/Kru172

Twitter: @kru172music

Instagram: instagram.com/kru172


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Delhi Hip-Hop veteran Keepsake drops his brand new single. Its called “Khwaish”, produced by Kunal Kaushal. As per Keepsake, this is the most commercial sounding track he has made till now. Here is what he had to say about the track:
“Khwaish is one of those tracks which i would describe as commercial, although i’ve recorded too many love tracks but i think this track stands out. It’s an ode too my favorite poet Mirza Ghalib, in my way. With B-E-A-Utiful production by Kunal Kaushal. Kunal and I were in same school, we know each other since the beginning of what we are doing. We both wanted to work together for so long. We’ve got a very positive response for this track. So I think we are going to do some more work together in future.
Kunal’s style of producing is full on commercial, Me, as all know hardcore underground. So we thought to mix the two and the outcome is on your speakers.”



Website: therealkeepsake.com

Facebook: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage

Twitter: @IamKeepSake


Kunal Kaushal:

Facebook: facebook.com/KunalOfficial


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MC Feral-Dreams [Official Video]


Delhi based rapper MC Feral has released his brand new music video. The track is callled “Dreams”, and it has been produced by Sajeel Kapoor, better known as SEZ. The video has been made by Romi Kahlon. Here is what MC Feral had to say when we spoke to him about his new video:

“I am very happy to announce that the Music Video for Dreams is finally out. I have been working on this track since an year and I am glad it has come out Satisfactory. Music Video is done by Romi Kahlon and has done a good job on that. The Video is not that flashy but has kept very simple keeping the Music and the Song on the upper side of the complete project.

I have kept the title of the song as Dreams, as this is something which i have talked about in my song a lot and love talking about it offline. The Lyrics of the song are inspiring and may touch a heart or two.

I really want to thank Sajeel Kapoor a.k.a Sez who has done the Music for the song and for all the effort and support so far and keeping all patience with me during the course as the project wasnt that easy for me to complete while working in a IT company to support my music and my family.”


You can buy the track from the following links:

iTunes: Click to Buy

Amazon: Click to Buy


MC Feral:

Facebook: facebook.com/EmceeFeralOfficial

Twitter: @emceeferal



Facebook: .facebook.com/iamsez


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Mumbai Hip-Hop veteran Enkore drops his new freeverse. The track is called “Die”. It uses the beat from Pusha T’s track exodus 23:1

This is one of his few upcoming releases, which also includes the much anticipated Mumbai Cypher.

Watch Mumbai Cypher teaser here: Click to Watch



Official Website: www.thisisenkore.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thisisenkore

Twitter: @thisisenkore


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Sound OK Beats- Sound OK Beats Vol. 1

Sound OK Beats is a producer only project, consisting of Sez, Smokey the Ghost, Stunnah Beatz, Surya Sritharan, Earthgrime, Rjv Ernesto and ViV3K.
This is the first beat tape release, titled “Sound OK Beats Vol. 1″. The mixtape contains 8 tracks produced by different producers. Each one adding their own flavor to it.

This is what Nasir had to say, when we spoke to him about the project:

“Initiative started/taken at around May, all the producers chipped out a beat each. After a whole lot of delays and inactive patches, we finally put it out on 15th of September. The aim of us is to try and exercise as much liberty as possible in the production aspect and give a collective Bonobo or Pretty Lights type of output. Something that wouldn’t need words. The producers stepped in and it was coincidentally such that we had a variety already. I mean, all of us 8 were totally different in what we did. No 2 of us sounded the same. If you ask us, yes, we also wouldn’t refrain to be the Indian Anno Domini but the primary target would still be that of being a parallel entertainment center against the dearly hated Bollywood counterpart and IF possible, just grab the attention of the lost generation of ours to better thangs. Often I am attributed with being the founder of this, though, I feel everybody found it, because I alone can’t even find my fucking movie folder



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Roopak- Assal

Assal Roopak
Delhi based Hindi Hip-Hop artist “Roopak” drops his new single called “Assal”. The beat is produced by OneTone and Mixed/Mastered by SEZ.
Here is what Roopak had to say about the track:
“This song is me. It served as a means to discuss something as easy as changing your mind over an incident in your life or a mere comment by the not so friendly people. The trip is to keep at it, changes will show themselves everyday. The moment you think you realized what real/right is, this life surprises you so hard, you can only smile back. The reality so as to speak is that change is constant, whoever or whatever comes and changes your perspective on something becomes the latest truth.
The rest is history. Be open to change, that’s what being real is. Failing to do so will only make you mad.”

Connect with Roopak:

Youtube : youtube.com/assalroopak

Facebook: facebook.com/assalRoopak

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Aares,Youngsta Ash,Pkayy-Split Mentality| PSP Rap Cypher


Purple Sparks Production brings you a Brand New Cypher “Split Mentality” Written & Performed by Youngsta Ash, Aares & Pkayy From Psp Crew. Its a mix of Hindi / English rap verses, with Aares spittin bars in hindi, and Youngsta Ash spitting in english. The beat as well as the video has been produced by Prakash “Pkayy” Tiwari.
Music: Prakarsh “Pkayy” Tewari.
Verse 1: Aares
Verse 2: Youngsta Ash
Lyrics : Aares , Youngsta Ash
Directed By: Prakarsh “Pkayy” Tewari
Video Edits: Prakarsh & Youngsta Ash
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KeepSake – Thodi Der Aur [Prod. By Equalibrum]

KeepSake- Thodi Der Aur


KeepSake has recently dropped another single. The track is called “Thodi Der Aur”. He talks about daily life struggles in the life of a struggling artist. Here is what he had to say when we spoke to him about the track:

“The idea of ‘Thodi der aur’ came into my mind when i was at home unemployed, between may – June 2014. I was looking for a job and recording simultaneously. I was giving interviews one after another getting rejected. Broke as shit. So i had to vent it out. While surfing the net i came across this mind blowing producer ‘Equalibrum’ and i downloaded his Beat tape. The beat that i used was so perfect for me and for my voice. So i was like, what the hell. Let’s give it try, and i recorded it. I am happy that everyone is accepting this side of KeepSake as well. J. Hind shared it on twitter. That made my day, he tweeted ‘Love hearing underground desi hip hop music thriving’. Feels good when some like J hind says that. One last thing i would like to tell my people that i won’t be releasing ‘Prabuddh’ anymore. But Buddhiheen 2 is on it’s way. Much love to all! – PEACE”


Thodi der aur – Written, Mixed, Perfromed by KeepSake

Beat from Equalibrum’s beat tape 22.

Cover pic by Gauren Bhardwaj.

Keepsake on Twitter: @IamKeepSake





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