Adil Omar – “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” [Track List]

Adil Omar – “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” [Track List] :

Track List : 
01. The Mushroom Cloud Effect 
02. 50 Feet Tall (ft. Hard Target)
03. Paki Rambo
04. Go Outside
05. Broken Man
06. Runaway With You (ft. Mina Fedora)
07. One by One (ft. B-Real of Cypress Hill, Sick Jacken and Young De)
08. Star Power
09. Off The Handle (ft. Xzibit)
10. Sugar Low (ft. Meesha Shafi)
11. Carry Me Home
12. Heart of Darkness
13. Summertime (ft. Kool G Rap, Gravity and Greydon Square)
14. Hand Over Your Guns (ft. Everlast)
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