Avi Hans interview on Desi Rapper Show : Ayash Mundey Mixtape out soon

The Man Behind the singles “Ayash Mundey”,”G.T.Road” and “10 “Bottles of Jatt”,which became a great success,not only in India,but in U.K.,as they got played on BBC Radio London on Bobby Friction’s Show,Mr. Avi Hans,from Mumbai based Desi Hip Hop Crew,”B’Bay de Munday”,caught up with us to share his experiences,and to announce the brand new international mixtape from the crew,called “Ayash Mundey Reproduced”.Lets check out what he had to say,as he caught up with Nottie Dogg.

Nottie :
First question : tell us something about “AVI HANS”
AVI: Well a regular jatt as deep cold says..
i belong to pind nandpur kalour in fatehgarh sahib. Born in Mumbai. From the streets to locals of Mumbai, I’ve been through each and every thing which takes it to be a mumbaikar. Avi hans reps the pride and dignity of punjabi youth in Mumbai.

Nottie : What’s the story behind your crew??
AVI: aha,B’bay de Mundey,in our management college once we had a project on life Mr. Dharmendra Deol. So Me, Sadathya and Sir Manny were all in same group. That was the first time three of us came together. And I wrote few lines a rap on Mr. Dharam and Sir Manny got it. And then we got together for further projects and b’bay was formed.
(b’bay =Bombay)

Nottie : hmm, interesting story behind the crew.
Well, all of us already know about Sir Manny and Sadhatya Tiger. Talking about your best song till date “Ayash Mundey”, which made it to BBC radio LONDON
How did u people make it to such a big platform???
“Ayash Mundey” is really close to us. Its about what we do in our lives. like having fun all da time.
Well we really thank Mr. Bobby friction and his team for giving us a big opportunity. Friction really liked the way we sound. Totally different from other punjabi rappers from da west. So he played our track Ayash Mundey for the first time on his show, and from that day our tracks are being played on his show,from last three months. “Ayash Mundey”, then “G.T. Road” and of course “10 bottles of jatt” it was no.1 in friction top five tracks.

Nottie: you people got interviewed by Bobby Fricion from BBC radio UK, how was the whole experience with bobby friction??
Okk. Bobby, he is a great human being, and has a great sense of music ,he always supports up and coming artists, interview with him was amazing and we are going to post the interview on youtube so you guys can listen to it.

Nottie: Hmm, you people are probably the first ones who got this far from the underground…
So, you got a mixtape coming up. Tell us somethin about your brand new international mixtape.
yeah its called “Ayash Mundey Reproduced” the mix-tape. In this various producers from around the world are re producing “Ayash Mundey”. All are making it in their very own style. So you will see “Ayash Mundey” made in various genres and styles.

Nottie: Hmm,i heard you got some big names up there for the mixtape.
yeah true. We’ve got Triple H production, Nawtiks, LH1, B.Rai, GTA Productions, DJ Chintu, people who are a regulars on radio stations like BBC radio 1,Asian Network,1 Xtra. Believe me real good stuff waiting for you people

Nottie: I think this one is gonna be real big, worth a wait...
true true

Nottie: future plans for “B’Bay de Mundey???”
Right now workin on some cool stuff. Waitin fo the right moment. Rest is god’s grace. Also planning to bring a video soon. And also you will hear big tracks from da crew. “Baaki sada tah rabb rakha..”

Nottie: wow,means u have a complete package coming out real real soon..
hope to bring you some real desi and unique sounds in near future…

Nottie: Ok, great, so fans would like to see the crew live, any plans for live performances???
Well as for shows right now with a busy schedule..with college life and shit no shows but in near future looking forward to do shows in da city..

Nottie: It means we gotta wait to see you people performing live…
Yeah it takes many steps to the top and rabb da hath..

Nottie: any message for fellow underground artists and the fans ???
First, I would like to thank you. And big ups to Desi Rapper Show. And in the end. For others keep it desi..
B’Bay de Mundey rep Punjabi youth from India, their lifestyle, their tounge, and their heart and mind. We are what a Punjabi Mundey are from INDIA
and to all fans and supporters we need your love and support. Also always check out http://www.myspace.com/bbayboys
for our latest tracks, info’s and updates.

Folks,Drop in your feeds to show your support for “B’Bay de Munday” if you really like their work.

Download their No.1 track from friction’s show :
>10 Bottles of Jatt : Click here to download

The Smash Hit :
>Ayash Mundey : Click here to download

For all tracks from B’Bay de Mundey,visit their official myspace page : Click Here to visit

SO,WE’ve got Big thangs comin up from this crew,wait for the mixtape people.
Untill next time,Its your boy,Nottie Dogg Sayin “Chillout !!!”

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