C-CUBE : “RESURRECTED”(1st Unofficial album)

Delhi based hiphop crew, C-Cube (Capital City Comradz) are here with their first unofficial album,”Resurrected”
this album features tracks from C-Cube members Kronik, K9 and MC Heam,as well as guest appearances from Nottie and Brassic.

TrackList :
1. Hit Hard: Kronik feat. Brassic
2. Money: Kronik feat. Nottie
3. Forever: Kronik feat. K9
4. My Life: Kronik feat. K9
5. Listen to your heart: K9 feat Mc Heam and dht
6. Heaven to hell: Mc Heam
7. kronik ver.2.0: kronik
8. Can’t you see: k9

Download “Resurrection” : Click here to Download

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