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KeepSake X Sez – Sapno Ki Nagri EP

Sapno Ki Nagri - KeepSake x Sez - Cover Art


Sapno Ki Nagri EP is the first project of the duo Sapno Ki Nagri(KeepSake & Sez).The EP consiting 4 songs is unique as every song is related to each other. It’s a story about hope, passion and freedom; freedom to express and explore new dimensions of human mindset.

Track 1: Shuruaat: The track is the start of our main story, it’s about being unique and doing what you love; not caring about anyone. As we believe that we should not be ashamed of ourselves, we should be proud at what we are doing and what we aim to achieve.

Track 2: Sapno Ka Jahan: The track is about journey of the guy(protagonist of this EP) through the realm of his dreams. How that guy strive to bring happiness to his family to himself and to everyone who support him. It’s about not giving up and moving on.

Track 3: Buddhi: This track is about two sides of the mind, one being dark-egoistic and the other being humble. The protagonist has to choose one, it’s basically about being true to yourself. Suppose we achieve all the fame, would we like to fall for the dark side of fame or we should remain humble and try to help everyone who wish to achieve that? This track potrays same image. Obviously, the protagonist is humble haha.

Track 4: Kahanikaar: Again this track is about not giving up. People try to pressurize you, they don’t want you to acheive what you desire to. It’s a whole nexus of these people and the negativity they have but will you give up? is the pressure so much that you’ll throw away your dreams? Nope, you should go for it..break the nexus and be free.


Download Sapno Ki Nagri EP: Click Here


EP Art: PCubeWorks(Panini Pandey).

Content,Vocals, Production, Mixing and Mastering: Sapno Ki Nagri.



Twitter: @IamKeepSake






Pcube Works



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Anand – Nasir Chronicles:Quality Edition

Nasir Chronicles - Quality Edition

Thane based produced Anand a.k.a. Nasir-El-Amin drops his first mixtape. It is titled as Nasir Chronicles : Quality Edition. It is an instrumental mixtape, and contains 9 instrumentals. Each instrumental has a different vibe to it. The whole sound of the mixtape is really different from what we usually get to hear in the underground scene. Here is what Anand had to say about the mixtape :

“My EP isn’t just the art that I wanted to put out. Also it was an answer to every arrogant producer that ever offended us. Saying politely, “Look at me now, how my anger worked out for me”. Not in the skies yet, still on the ground, but that’s the real word I want to put out to them guys who’d now automatically know if I’m targeting them. How you like me now?

Best believe anything can happen.”

This is a mixtape that cannot be missed by any underground hip-hop fan / producer / rapper. Make sure y’all check this out.

Download the mixtape here: Click to download

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DJ Danny-Dope Sessions EP

DJ Danny Dope Sessions EP DJ Danny Dope Sessions EP back










Rapper / Producer DJ Danny has dropped his first ever instrumental EP. The album is known as “Dope Sessions EP”. It contains 6 instrumenal Hip-Hop tracks. With a lot of smoke in the air for 3 continuous nights and 2 weeks off his University to finally relax to , comes an instrumental EP by the name of Dope Sessions . The EP has club bangers , laid back tracks along with some potential anthems . Dj Danny promises to be more active this year with his beat production . With future instrumental EP’s planned he’s going to set a trend for himself as a producer . The next instrumental project is called ” Duff & Dhol Dynamics ‘EP ‘ . DJ Danny says he’ll try his best to release around the 14th of February .

DJ Danny’s Official Facebook Page:

DJ Danny’s Official Twitter Page: @TheRealDjDanny


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Rita Rose – ONE



Pittsburgh based rapper Rita Rose drops her debut mixtape entitled “ONE”. the mixtape features 13 tracks. All the track address various topics related to the world and society. Another notable thing in this mixtape is the involvement of Chandigarh based hiphop duo Kru172

Rita Rose defines the mixtape as””One” promotes peace, love and hip honesty. One is all or none. Music is a force to be reckoned with and what better way to get people to open their eyes and smell the roses than hip hop? “One” is unity. “one” is hope. “One” is truth.”The mixtape features production by Kru172 on 2 tracks. The tracks are “We Are Energy”, and “Keep Calm & Float On”. Also, the cuts on “Paint it black” have been performed by Kru172.

ONE- Track-listing
1. Home of the $lave ( Rosa Sparks & Prod. By DjMT)
2. I’m Awake
3. Paint it Black
4. Mad, Mad World
5. Angry, Young & Poor
6. Catching Ghosts
7. Eye Against Eye
8. I’m Happy Now
9. Save the world in a day
10. We are Energy (Prod. Kru172)
11. i Imagine
12. Stand Up Now! (Rosa Sparks & Prod. DjMT)
13. Keep calm & Float on (Prod. Kru172)

Download the mixtape: Click Here

Rita Rose’s Facebook Fanpage:
Follow Rita Rose on Twitter:


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Earthgrime – Street Lights In The Sun [Album]


Album Cover for Street Lights in the Sun
Album Cover for Street Lights in the Sun


The “Street Lights In The Sun” project is the debut album of Abhimanyu Raman a.k.a Earthgrime of the Street Academics crew from Kerala. The album was produced mostly by Grime himself, with production collaborations with his mentor Rjv Ernesto, Sajeel Kapoor a.k.a Sez, Jishnu Sudarsan and several productions by independent producers like Sajeel Kapoor and Vilexistent.
Comprising 15 tracks, and all of them collaborations, with many of the best of the underground, the album has been able to lock into a unique soundset never before heard in the indian underground, comprising of genres as diverse as hip hop/R&B, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electrorock, and trip hop.
The album has been released through Prototypal Records based in Hyderabad and run by Sameer Ul Haq a.k.a Philosameer of the erstwhile Soul’ace Crew.  The idea behind the making of this album was to bring together the best emcees and bring out a unique sound, all the while keeping lyricism in mind. Some of the names featured in the album include Fura , Microphon3, A-list, Dee MC, Maapla, Rjv Ernesto, Azuran, Poetik Justis, Youngsta Ash and a lot more.


You can buy “Street Lights in the Sun” from the following links:

Prototypal Records Official Bandcamp Page :

Prototypal Records Official Website:


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GhettoBoii – “It Ain’t Over” – The Mixtape

Front Cover iamGhettoBoii – “It Ain’t Over Yet” – The Mixtap

  •   Artist: iamGhettoBoii
  •   Release Date: 10/1/13
  •   Genre: Desi Hip Hop
  •   Number Of Tracks: 10
  •   Duration: 21 Minutes
  •   Format: Digital Release
  •   Productions: iamGhettoBoii, Takilla, Undefined Power, Scott Storch & More
  •   Price: Free Download




Back Cover



Track List:

  1. Haseena – iamGhettoBoii & Shetan
  2. Punjabi Kuriye – iamGhettoBoii ft. DJ Danny
  3. Deep In You – iamGhettoBoii, Pakman & Deep Cold
  4. Make Love [Snippet] – Undefined Power ft. iamGhettoBoii
  5. Ghetto [It Ain’t Over Yet] – iamGhettoBoii ft. Omar
  6. Still Around Me [Desi Mix] – iamGhettoBoii & V.I.C Crack
  7. Nach Ke Dikhade [Snippet] – iamGhettoBoii ft. Shetan
  8. Waqt [Pictures From The Past] – iamGhettoBoii



GhettoBoii aka Saini Kicks Off 2013 With The Release Of His Mixtape “It Ain’t Over Yet”. The 8 Track Mixtape Is Featuring Some Of The Illest MC’s Worldwide Such As Shetan, DJ Danny, V.I.C Crack, Undefined Power, Omar, Takilla,Dr. Ginni & More. It is available as a free download. Ghettoboii is a desi rapper from Germany. Get Your Free Copies Now & ENJOY!

FREE Download Link: :

Follow GhettoBoii On Twitter: @GhettoBoiiMusic

Like Him On Facebook:

Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/Cinegram: GhettoBoiiMusic


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D’evil Presents MadMan [Mixtape]

   D’evil presents MadMan

   Artist : D’evil
   Released : 21/12/2012
   Genre : Desi Hip Hop   
   Number Of Tracks : 15
   Duration: 32:35










01- Intro
02- Thats Wrong (Feat. Enkore)
03- Enkore’s Mom Calling (Skit)
04- Indian Men Can’t Rap
05- Dirty Emcees (Feat. A-List)
06- Gimme a Light
07- Marijuana Rhapsody
08- Bad Mic (Interlude)
09- Hardknock Calling (Skit)
10- Whack the Rapper (Feat. Hardknock)
11- Goof Ups
12- Ninonika
13- The Girl in my Classroom
14- Weird Thoughts
15- Outro

One of the finest rappers outta mumbai, one half of Hiphop crew Munky Rhymz, D’evil drops his brand new mixtape titled MadMan.
If you are a true hiphop listener, and if you actually pay attention to the lyrics, this mixtape is for you. You might notice a westcoast / detroit golden era hiphop influence on the tape. Right from the intro, one would figure out the craziness he is about to witness on the mixtape.

Download “D’evil presents MadMan” : Click here 
Alternate download link: Click here

D’evil on Facebook:
D’evil on Twitter: @Devil_Dhaval

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Zoo Babies [Album]


Mixtape : Zoo Babies

Artist’s : Zoo Babies

Release : Halloween 2013

Format : Digital Release

Number Of Tracks : 10

Album Duration : Unknown

Production : Various



1. One Two [Prod. Noyz]

2. World Tour [Prod. Hippie Sabotage]

3. Where Ya Going [Prod. 6 Fingers]

4. Nada [Prod. KinG!]

5. Bullies ft. Sunny Malton [Prod. Rbe]

6. Just Chillin [Prod. Noyz]

7. Taking Pictures [Prod. Violinder]

8. Dinka [Prod. G Byrd]

9. Say What [Prod. J-Statik]

10. The Zoo [Prod. J-Statik]



Download The Zoo Babies [Villa, Babbu, Noyz, Fateh & B Magic]’s Self Titled Mixtape.
CONTACT : @ZooBabiesMusic

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Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape

 Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape
Artist : Various Artists
Released : 03/06/2012
Genre : Desi Hip Hop   
Number Of Tracks : 11

01. Keda Ni Janda – Pardhaan (Desi Beam) & JB (922)
02. Vicinity Killers – Enkore (MunkyRhymez)
03. Play it Loud – Kru172
04. Ghatak – Shady
05. Chakk Fatte – GD Singh Feat. ADX
06. Underground Affair – D’Evil
07. Piche Piche Aake – Rob-C & N-Gritz / Lovepreet
08. Super Supastar – MC Feral
09. Break the Rules – 2Shadez
10. O.M.F.S. – Ittefaq A.K.A. 99 Clips
11. Amaar Zindagi – Bangal Feat. Nau Sau Bai

Bonus Tracks:
01. Love Ho Gaya – Desi Playaaz
02. Kudi Freaky Freaky – Nau Sau Bai

Adx drops his very first Mixtape “BreakOut – Biggest Indian Mixtape” featuring some of the best Indian MCs covering lyrics written in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi and Bengali.

According to Adx, BreakOut, is not just a mixtape its a state of mind.

“There are too many talented people out there who hardly get a chance to come out of their shell and grow, this is them breaking out and growing.

I have heard big producers ignoring/rejecting/wasting talented artists, making them wait endlessly, but once i witnessed the same myself i decided not to be a loser and took matter into my own hands and that is when i Broke Out.

The sole concept of putting out this mixtape is to get the featured artists the audience they would never reach otherwise.

This is the beginning of a movement, a Battallion of Desi Hip-Hop is born in India, by Indians. I hope to make a better world for Desi Hip-Hop and its Artists, towards a better future.
One Love!”

In total, BreakOut has 11 tracks featuring artists like Pardhaan(Desi Beam), 2-Shadez, Bangal, Enkore, Kru172 etc.

There are two Bonus tracks on the tape. First one featuring “Desi Playaz” of “Chal Jhoothi” fame singing a groovy club track titled “Love Ho Gaya”

and 2nd song “Kudi Freaky Freaky” is a cover track by Nau Sau Bai of Panjabi MC’s remix “Freaky Like That” from The Raj album, originally sung by Yung Texxus.

Nau Sau Bai also have a new video lined up for release for their 1st Single after their split from their previous production house, the track is titled “Akh Vich Radke”.

Download the mixtape here : Click to download
Alternate Download Link : Click here to download

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Poetik Justis – “Lifelines” [Heart To The Music]

Mixtape : Lifelines  [Heart Of The Music] :

Artist : Poetik Justis
Released : 29/04/2012
Genre : Desi Hip Hop
Number Of Tracks : 10

1. Underground King
2. Hero
3. Moners [M.O.B]
4. Stay Schemin
5. Champion [ft. Brassic Bhai]
6. Im Comin’ Home
7. Cold Wind Blows
8. Sound Off [ft. Sandman, BigDeal & Dro Pesci]
9. Lighters [ft. Trae Carter]
10. Confessions

Make Sure Y’all Have A Click On Poetik Justis Brand New Mixtape “Lifelines”. Lifelines Is An Intergrated Attempt To Redefine The Underground Hip Hop Music Scene. It Is All About Poetik Justis Story.


Poetik Justis On Facebook :
Poetik Justis On Twitter : @Poetik_Justis
Poetik Justis On YouTube :

The Desi Rapper Show On Facebook :

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