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Tracks Download Page

Download all the underground Underground tracks right here.
This Page will be updated regularly.
(Special Thanks to

>Emcee Feral – Memories Still Exist(New !!!)
>Hold My Hand – By Eric(New !!!)
>Goddamn Star – Muneeb (open collab)(New !!!)
>Ace ft. Akhila – Stop the hate(New !!!)
>MC Devil D – Stop Racism(New !!!)
>D Souljaz – Click Click Boom(New !!!)
>Young Caesar – Crazy Ass Maniac(New !!!)
>Explyrix ft. Emcee Feral, Rapid Rhymes & Femcee Evil – Pyaar Aur Sharab(New !!!)
>Hustler – Hallucination Day(New !!!)
>3rd Degree – 3 Mc’s(New !!!)
>3rd Degree – Drop a Jewel(New !!!)
>3rd Degree – Letting Her Go(New !!!)
>3rd Degree – 3rd World Anthem(New !!!)

^New Additions

>Ace a.k.a. 39 feat. A.P.-Shake it
>Enkore : College
>Wrathchild & Enkore : Crewsades
>Emcee Marco : Ever Put My Lips On
>Lyrik, Srik, Raz, Homicide, Ko, Skizzo : Open Mic
>EPR & Shovon : Revolution
>Srik & Ragged Skull : Break The Ice
>Emcee Marco : To Whomsoever It May Concern
>Neo Fatal : Pleasure No Treasure
>High On Hash : Off That Fenny
>D-Souljaz : Desi Fly
>Xray, TStar2, Big Nikk : Gangsta Life
>Quixotic & Rapid Rhymes : Mirror
>DJ Chinmoy : Ek Tera Pyaar electro house mix feat. Bohemia
>MC Feral ft. Bohemia : I Got The Picture (Remix)
>Sabii : Independent Crazy
>Emcee Marco & LyrikLJ

^New Additions : 18-April-2009

> D-Beam : Main Haan Desi(Remix) D-Beam Anthem
> B’Bay De Munday : 10 Bottles of Jatt
> Nottie Dogg Feat. Yung HNI : Dil Di Rani
> Mc Feral feat. Enkore-Ganxta
>Pardhaan : Dhokebaaz
>Pardhaan :Tujhse Pyaar
>B’Bay de Mundey : Ayash Mundey
>B’Bay de Mundey : G.T. Road (Scratch Mix)
> G-Frekey : “Desi Desi”
> HaydaZ feat PRG- The Lahori (Gangsta anthem)
> Troubling-Nifty
> Freestyle-sandman
> thoughts 2008- Srikanth
> Fanatic G – We Are Together (POLITICAL RAP)
> Most Wanted Asses(M.W.A Diss)-D’Brassic
> Big Nikk Diss-Nix Wrathchild
> Death Of The Lyricist (UNCUT) – ABZthelyricist
> sporadic ft. Rapid-In da hood
> Underground King-Vishnu

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D’Brassic wins Text-A-Mania

Text-A-Mania,the text battling tournament organized by “The Desi Rapper Show” and “Insignia Rap Combats”,the most alive and kicking hip hop community on orkut,was won by D’Brassic,who is now also the owner of the community.

i would like to thank D’Brassic,Subliminal,Speed ICE,and all the participants for making this tourney a success.

Here’s some info about the champion :

D’ Brassic

Co-founder of INSIGNIA – RAP COMBATS, the most active rap battling/hip hop community on Orkut right now.

Went into battling in the Eminem Fans from India Community about 18 months ago and then moved into Battle Rappers Inc. Around that time, most rap-battling communities were dying or dead. So D’ Brassic and Speed Ice started INSIGNIA-RAP COMBATS to improve the rap battling culture on Orkut. The community has been a huge hit even in just 7-8 months of its existence.

He has single-handedly trained many rappers who started from scratch and battled them and in turn helped himself improve alongwith them.

He has made several audios as well in collabaration with other rap artists.

if you want to listen to some of D’Brassic’s audios,you can listen to ’em right here :

Tera Deewana : D’Brassic’s latest track with AVY D,its a smash hit within the first week of its release. : Download

All of D’Brassic’s tracks on his official Soundclick page. : Here

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Desi Rapper Soundtrax : Desi Hip Hop ready to TAKEOVER

Its a really great time for desi hiphop fans.As we don’t have much variations of hiphop in mainstream,desi hip hop fans have always been searching for some quality music in the underground music scene.

All that the fans have been looking for is the quality in music production.And now,i think finally the wait is over.
Mumbai based desi hip hop group “B-Bay de mundey” is already a big name in underground hiphop scene.They’ve been known for their quality in music production.After dropping in several underground smash hits as “Dulla” and “Desi Gangsta”,They are takin it one step foreward now,and are really bringin it to the streets.
After making several hip hop sings,these guys are now looking foreward towards music production,collaborating with various newcoming underground artists.
After the sucess fo their new tracks “GT-Road : Scratch mix” and “ayash mundey”,they have stepped into production,producing a track named “Desi Desi” for an upcoming artist “G-Frekey”
This song has recieved positive reviews,and is a sucess for both,Frekey and Sir Manny,the producer of the song.
Among their future projects,the group has announced a mixtape called “The 172 mixtape”,which will feature several rappers from chandigarh city.
Among the confirmed tracks from the mixtape,is the bonus track which features B-Bay de Mundey,and Emenjay,who is now a mainstream artist with his collaboration with Aman Riar,a punjabi vocalist.
Looking foreward to all these projects,it seems like soon,desi hip hop is gonna takeover.
You can download the latest soundtrax from B-Bay de Mundey here. 
“Ayash Mundey”Download
“GT Road-Scratch Mix”Download
“G-Frekey:Desi Desi”Download
SO All them desi hip hop lovers,keep bumpin these trax in the hood.
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Punjabi Rap Mania : BBay De Mundey

Thinkin that Desi Rapper Show,no desi rappers ???
well,this time we introduce to you,a Punjabi rap group from amchi mumbai,BBay de mundey.This group brings a never before heard style of desi rap,with unique lyrics,music and flow.
For guys who think that all punjabi rappers copy bohemia’s style,this thing is a must.So here’s the intro :

This group consist of 3 members : Sir Manny(music producer), Avi Hans(rapper) and Sadathya Tiger(rapper).They are the first punjabi rap crew in mumbai.

1.Sir Manny : He has been into music fo 4 years. Started as a bedroom DJ, Den became a mobile DJ. Went majorly into music production after Harry Sona from Sona Family told him to do so. He is founder of B’bay de Mundey. His Favourite genres of music are HipHop, crunk, 2step n Bhangra. He generally makes hiphop beats with lil bit of desi flavour.

2.AVI HANS a.k.a. Da Punjabi Mic Killa : He’s been writing rhymes since last 5 years, inspried from various lyricists and artists like Dev Tharikewala, Babu Maan, Shamsher Sandhu, Slim Shady, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Bow Wow, Lil Flip etc. His rap flow is crazy and fast ,taking punjabi rap to new dimensions (which you will come to see in future projects).

3.SADATHYA TIGER a.k.a. Punjabi Freestylist : He hails from gurdaspur. Tiger has been writing rhymes since last 4 years, and is specialized in freestyle rap, and always on the streets looking for any opportunity to show his skills.

and if you have a doubt in mind,then you should be checking the soundtrax by now.

This is the link to the “BBay de Mundey” official Myspace page.
Check out the soundtrax and tell us how you feel.
Believe me,you will not regret this.
SO if you want more and more and more of “them ungerground celebrities”,keep visiting the desirappershow.
And as usual,Its the Nottie D-O-Double Gizzle (cuz we don’t have anyone else for writing things around here),fo shizzle saying
Chillout mayne !!!
One Love,Peace…..

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They “Rhyme For Reason” : Do you ?

Let me introduce to one of the biggest and the finest desi hip hop group on orkut,RFR.

RFR stands for “Rhyme For Reason”.It has artists from both India and Pakistan,making it an example of unity.We are proud to feature RFR on our blog.

So here’s a brief intro ’bout RFR.

RFR was formed initially by Shaf-E,an upcoming(then,now he’s a known name) Desi Underground Artist.It all started an year back when Shaf-E made the jump from text battles to audios. Rapping about gangster thing wasn’t quite him, although he started off with dropping some audios about guns, hoes, and money. Then he thought about forming a crew where he could polish young talent and help them turn into pros.

He was mixing a track for an MC named “Muneeb Rasool” who was leading a crew called “Elites of Destruction” (EOD), when he noticed muneeb was new to the game and he asked him to join his crew which he had named “The Crew”, But the creative mind of Muneeb came up with “Rhyme For Reason” and that’s how it came into being. Muneeb Rasool was the first one to join Shaf,but then he vanished like a wizard in no time, got busy with his studies and Shaf was left on his own. For once he thought about quitting the crew thing but he just couldn’t because of the love he had for the young talent, He couldn’t just see it go waste. So, He re-started text battling career in “Insignia” won a few battles there and when he earned enough respect there. He introduced his crew, with everyone jumping in, it was a hard choice for him to select the one’s worth it.

He wasn’t in search of great skills but in search of raw skills who love the game. And that’s how Shahal, Speed Ice, Anmol, That Dude AJ, and Sarthak became a part of the family. D`Brassic a law student and a rapper impressed him with his text battling skills, and he’s a great help to the family as an outside support. But that wasn’t it, a young rhymer from Desi Rappers (community) came up with a song called “Warrior” the guys name was Hassan he’s only 16 but his skills and love for the game was unmatched, Shaf took him in too and now he’s part of the family. There’s more to mention Dj Danny the official DJ holds awesome skills with “Mixing Tracks” and adding “Adlibs” and spitting hot on any beat, Miss Roxy,the official Beat Producer and Usama aka Grim Rat a great MC are also part of the family.

Thinking that only intro is big,well.believe the hype.

Don’t keep any doubt in mind,Check out some of the soundtrax:

>The RFR Crew Soundclick page :

>” WE ARE “( This is what you call professional…)

>DJ Danny Soundclick page :

>”Shadow(Me Against Myself)”

DJ Danny(Rapid)

>” I need a hater(RFR Crew) “


>Shahal’s Soundclick page :

>”Soulja Girl”

Miz Roxy(She is truely souljah Girl…)

>Roxy’s soundclick page :

If you want more of the RFR Crew,and all the other Desi Underground Hip Hop Artists, Keep visitin DesiRapperShow.

And if you like this sh**,don’t forget tp drop in your comments…..

Chillout with this one !!!

One Love,Peace.

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“New Urban Kid” on tha Bloc : (Need “WattaBottles” ??? )

Wassup Desi’s !!!
its your boy Nottie Dogg, and i introduce to you the newest artist on the blog.
His name is Shashank a.k.a. The Urban Kid.He is a young and promising rapper/music producer from hydrabad.
He is also the music producer for his HipHop group named “wattabottles”.He is currently workin with international artists like New York based artist “jungle” as wel as numerous local artists.
If you have a doubt in mind aout the skills that the “KID” has got,check out some of them dope trax from “The Urban KID”.The trax go li’l somethin like this :

1.You Need Me
this is a remix of keaton martel’s ‘you need me’ produced by e-motion-l productions.

2.100 Proof
Tnuk and Jungle are back on a track , Jungle on first verse and Urban Kid on the second.(beat by jungle)

3.Death of a Saint
A Diss track aimed at Boondock Saint and Swag.
(This song expresses the personal views of the artists.The Blog or the blog amins bear no relation to the track)
Check out these dope trax for now. I ‘m sure you are gonna like it.Do not forget to drop in your comments.
Chillout !!!
Peace !!!

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The B.T.O

Desi Rapper Show welcomes its newest member,The Rap & HipHop Group B.T.O.

Well,Yall Already Heard from D’Brassic,Now Here it from His Crew also.

B.T.O. will be droppin some real DOPE Shit over here !!!

So Yall better watch out.

What is B.T.O. ?

B.T.O stands for Big Time Operators.It is made up of Emenjay, Big Kronik and D’ Brassic.

Emenjay : His name is Manoj and he is a resident of Ludhiana. He got into rap from an early age and has been developing his style in the last 4 years. His career has started looking up in his area with offers of doing parts in punjabi songs for albums/movies.

Big Kronik969 : He stays in pune for now. He got into rap about an year ago and has since been recording tracks. He is also interested in writing and has written scripts for short films. He shoots them with his friends.

D’ Brassic : Native of Uttaranchal. Studying law right now and recording tracks in between. Staying in Kolkata right now.All three crew members had met online in an online rap battle forum from where their friendship developed and they decided to form a crew. From there was no looking back and since a mixtape has been released featuring 9 tracks. Emenjay and Kronik have plans of releasing two more mixtapes in the month of November-December

YOu can visit ’em at soundclick

D’ Brassic :

The EmenJay :

Big KroniK :

And in case you have a doubt,check out the latest from The EmenJay

Thye track is called “Assin Haan Punjabi”.

Emenjay Representin the roots,Desi HipHop,Listennnnn !!!!

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Desi Rapper International : The Lyrical Legacy

Desi Rapper Show goes international.We welcome The Rap & hip Hop group from Pakistan.
Lyrical Legacy krew is a rap krew started by Da Grand Hypocrite a.k.a. Illest Jay.
It consists of Daniyal n Masroor.
“Lyrical Legacy is a krew dat is actually representing the northsyde … of illest killaz…. “
Says Da grand Hypocrite.
Here are some of the songs from Lyrical Legacy :

1. “Northsyde Representatives”
Grand feat. Mass
Lyrics,composed and produced by Da Grand Hypocrite.

2.”Whats Beef”
Da Grand Hypocrite
Lyrics,composed and produced by Da Grand Hypocrite.

3.”Silent Boot Killa”
Da Grand Hypocrite
Lyrics,composed and produced by Da Grand Hypocrite.

This is the first international venture by DesiRapperShow,So yall listenn to these dope soundtrax,and don’t forget to leave in your comments about deese trax.
ChillOut Man !!!
Peace !!!

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Desi Rapper Show Kicks off : Welcome D’ Brassic !!

Desi Rapper Show is ON !!!!
Desi Rapper Show Kicks off with this brand new track from its very first MC : D’ Brassic
The song is called “I LOVE YOUR GIRL”
SO check this Sh*t out,Its off the hizzle,FO shizzle !!!!!!!!
Listeeeennnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!
And don’t forget to drop in your comments !!!!!
thanx D’ Brassic

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