D’Brassic wins Text-A-Mania

Text-A-Mania,the text battling tournament organized by “The Desi Rapper Show” and “Insignia Rap Combats”,the most alive and kicking hip hop community on orkut,was won by D’Brassic,who is now also the owner of the community.

i would like to thank D’Brassic,Subliminal,Speed ICE,and all the participants for making this tourney a success.

Here’s some info about the champion :

D’ Brassic

Co-founder of INSIGNIA – RAP COMBATS, the most active rap battling/hip hop community on Orkut right now.

Went into battling in the Eminem Fans from India Community about 18 months ago and then moved into Battle Rappers Inc. Around that time, most rap-battling communities were dying or dead. So D’ Brassic and Speed Ice started INSIGNIA-RAP COMBATS to improve the rap battling culture on Orkut. The community has been a huge hit even in just 7-8 months of its existence.

He has single-handedly trained many rappers who started from scratch and battled them and in turn helped himself improve alongwith them.

He has made several audios as well in collabaration with other rap artists.

if you want to listen to some of D’Brassic’s audios,you can listen to ’em right here :

Tera Deewana : D’Brassic’s latest track with AVY D,its a smash hit within the first week of its release. : Download

All of D’Brassic’s tracks on his official Soundclick page. : Here

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