Desi Hip Hop on the Roll : SHV-Torr a Nawabi

Here comes another Desi rapper from the streets of jalandhar.19 years old Shivansh Malhotra,who goes by the name of SHV,comes out with a brand new desi rap,and that too on a more social related and rather volatile issue .Shv comes out with a track as a diss against the violence in australia against punjabi’s.

SHV says about the track : “i am greatly into punjab and punjabi culture and i greatly feel that punjab and punjabis are the best and the most familiar ppl al around the fucking globe.. and i cant tolerate anything done on my brothers .. i cudnt du anything so i decided to use my thoughts and emerged ’em into lyrics and it was at dat tyme i got acquainted with G-NAIVE . a yung and talented rapper from jalandhar only which had a damn unique voice and the same typa punjabi blood flowin thru his veins..”

So lets check out this track named “Torr a Nawabi”

Check out the track and don’t forget to drop in your valuable comments homies.

Visit SHV on Soundclick : Click here


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