Desi Rapper Interviews : Speed ICE

Y’all know that there are more that enough wannabe’s out there claiming that they rappers,claiming that they can spit freestyles.There are hundreds walkin around without a purpose,Rhymin without a reason.And then “girls and rap”,i mean who could ‘ve thought ’bout that ?

But one girl did think of that,and she does “Rhyme For Reason”.And if you think that she’s just another wannabe rapper girl,think again,b’coz she blasts like a Tech-9 when it comes to rap,so better don’t feel like messin wid her on a freestyle.

She is RFR member Speed ICE.Check out this one,as Navi, a.k.a. Mr. Nottie DoGG,caught up wid Speed ICE.

Navi: So first of all ,welcome speed ICE,to desi rapper interview,wid nottie !!!
Speed: yeah,well thanx Nottie…..

Navi: so first of all,who actually is speed ice ?
Speed: Well, Speed ice is ADITI (A-Deity )…I’m not the down-town gangsta girl with braids and one showering curses at men. My homies usually carry this image of mine. I am an artist. Rapping was incidental. I was into writing poetry when suddenly I got attracted to doing Rap Music.
I was born in Chandigarh. but now I’m putting up in Delhi..
Darjeeling was the place which introduced me to rap.

Navi: A female rapper, i mean we don’t see much of em.How u think of that?
Speed: Well yeah,the sub-continent is still not steppin’ forward in this field. Well when I was young I didn’t know I was a feminist..but I guess I’ve always been. From playing football to not-taking-no-bullshit-from none. I guess I’m a bit different from what Indian girls are perceived to be.
Its fun you know.

Navi: How did u begin all dis Rap stuff ???
Speed: Well,it might sound like outta some crap movie…but one day I was getting back from a jog and heard Eminem being played at a girls’ hostel near my place and I was like “now that’s cool…I wish I could do that”
I was in Darjeeling back then. That place is as dope as weed. Rock and Rap flows in the people’s veins. it got into mine as well..

Navi: Yeah,i was surprised when i got 2 know that there was a female rapper in RFR. U are the first one i’ve ever known. I ‘ve never even seen a girl who likes a guy who likes Hip Hop.
Speed: Well,yeah.I wanted to come out flashin’ in the rap front. But initially I was scared. To be honest DISHI (a femcee) was an inspiration and a close friend. After watching her I came forward….

Navi: Got new fact about Darjeeling as well.. I never knew that..
Speed: Well its a small town. Young boys with rock bands and girls looking like punks aren’t a rare sight there. I prefer rap over rock ‘cause I dig meaningful lyrics. Rock is more instrumental.

Navi: How ‘d you get in contact wid RFR ???
Speed: Well I was the moderator at BR.Inc (now known as MWA).Some beef started and I started my new community Insignia with Brassic as the manager. ShAf-e joined it and we became aquaintances. He made an open invitation for RFR membership and I joined it, almost instigating the much-talked about MWA beef.

Navi: u did any audios with the crew ?
Speed: not yet. At first I didn’t feel the inclination to. But now its like I hardly have the time
But I’ll drop some, very soon.

Navi: Means we’ll hear some of the dope stuff from speedy…
Speed: Well yeah,you can say that…

Navi: So, how does it feel being in a male dominated rap game ?
Speed: That’s what’s exciting and keeps me here. As a feminist this is something which is like a challenge to me. It’s not easy I must say…
There were times when I wasn’t taken seriously, even back bitched about. Gossip is more of a male thing I must say
…The thing is guys can’t stand losing to a girl…and when they did. They got outraged and tried making things messy, but lets just say “I came out clean”

Navi: ha ha ha !!! Now that’s some real thing.
Speed: Yeah, I am studying psychoanalysis at grads, so I know….

Navi: u remember your first rap battle???
Speed: Yeah…I remember my unofficial battle, not the official one though. It was with Steve and I had lost …but as far as any official battle is concerned, I’ve not yet lost any ( I don’t fight the ones I’m not well-equipped for).

Navi: Your future plans?
Speed: Well, I’ve not yet thought of rapping professionally, but well why not if suits me good later on in life. One thing you can be sure of is – you’ll surely get to read some of my writings on the shelf.

Navi: RFR is a big crew. I mean rappers from India, rappers from Pakistan. how do you manage all that ? I mean makin audios and all that….
Speed: Yeah, that’s what made me join RFR. See these days almost everything works online (including relationships, lol) so why not crews? Its about crossing the borders and working together. Forming crews cause one is from the north and south isn’t cool you know. Standing by each other cause of music and talent is why RFR is what it is
It all works on fine. Of course we don’t work together in studios but its works out fine online, mixing, beat making, vocals, it’s done separately and then you have the audio.

Navi: means the youth wants unity…
Speed: well yeah, global.

Navi: i’d love to see both countries reunite. But it seems hard now….
Speed: RFR wishes the same.

Navi: so you would like to thank to……..
Speed: Dishi,I miss her and would say thanx for helping me do what (now) i do best. And of course thanx to all ‘em rappers who are trying to bring Desi rap to the limelight.
Thank you Speed ICE for giving us some of your valuable time.Hope to hear from you again soon.

So this was Speed ICE from RFR.RFR made one thing very clear.If its in your heart,no boundry in the world can stop you.If you want all this and more of them Underground Celebrities,keep visiting DesiRapperShow.

We be catching you next time.
One Love,Peace.

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