Desi Rapper Premiere : Anki R-I’m Back

YO !!!
Its your boy Nottie Dogg,and this time,i’m back with a brand new song from Anki-R a.k.a. Mojo.
Anki-R is the member of CHandigarh based Underground desi hip-hop group “D-Beam”.This is his brand new track,exclusive for premiere on The Desi Rapper Show.
This Track is called “I’m Back.” Its a very funky type of track,with a westcoast type of beat,and a very nice flow,along with some “Kalol” fun factor,and i bet that y’all are gonna enjoy this one.It’s produced by DJ Parv,who is the official DJ of D-Beam.
well,lets cut the talk,and listen to his new track right here.

Anki R-I’m Back

Please drop in your comments about the song.

you can visit Anki R on his official MySpace page : Click here to visit
Anki R’s Soundclick page : Click Here to visit

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  • Anonymous

    yahhh MoJo mah HoMie NIce shIt Bro…
    “fUdu Sala” Aaha sabTo kayam lagYa 22 menu…

    N Fr mah NoTTie DoGG veer Thxx For iNtroDucin MoJo n D-beam In Desi Rapper ShOw….

    D-Beam For lIfe…

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  • AA yo my man… Thnx for posting da link of my hommie… šŸ™‚

    Yung HNI.

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