Desi Rapper Premiere : D-Beam-Main Haan Desi Remix-The D-Beam Anthem

Wassup Desi’s.
I said “Desi’s”,cuz i’m feelin real desi desi after listening to this track.
D-Beam guys are back,and this time the whole freakin crew at once,in one track.This one is a remix of Yung HNI’s Hit single “Main Haan Desi”.This remix contains a new verse from Ynug HNI,as well as verses from Mojo,Pardhaan and G-Frekey,the D-Beam members.Produced once again by DJ Parv,this track certainly has some vibe.I Bet that after listening to this track,y’all be singing “Main haan desi !!!!”

well,enough of the talk here,lets check out the track.

Main Haan Desi(remix): The D-Beam Anthem

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Download link : Click Here to Download.

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