Desi Rapper Premiere : G-Frekey/Anki-R-“Car So Fly”

Well well !!!
looks like its a good time for desi hiphop lovers. Guess what,i am back again with a brand new desi rap from “D-Beam”.
This chandigarh based hip hop crew is really bringin it to the streets.They are back once again with their brand new rap “Car So Fly”.Its a burning rap,which is all about cars,and street life.This track is produced by Sir Manny from “B’Bay de Mundey”.Sir Manny has already proved himself by producing quality music,with the BBC radio chartbusters “Ayash Mundey” and “GT-Road-Scratch Mix”.This is for the second time that G-Frekey has collaborated with Sir Manny,after the hit single “Desi Desi”.All the Mixing has been done by D-Beam official Dj,DJ Parv.So lets check out the track,as these two big names of desi hip hop are on one same track.This is gonna be real real big.

G-Frekey and Anki-R : Car SO Fly

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