Desi Rapper Premiere : Yung HNI Feat. Slyck-“Money”

Its your boy Nottie Dogg,and this time,i’m back with a new track from Chandigarh based Underground Desi Rap crew D-Beam member Yung HNI.This new track is called “Money”.This track also features underground rapper Slyck.The track tells all about money and what you can and cannot do with it.The track is produced once again,by D-Beam official DJ,DJ Parv.
D-Beam is really bringin it to the streets with its quality production and variation in the content with the perfect blend of hip hop with DESI.
This is the fifth nicely produced track in a row,after the hit single “Desi Desi” by G-Frekey,”Main haan Desi” by Yung HNI,”Dhokebaaz” by Pardhaan,and “I’m back” by Anki-R.
DJ Parv has shown his professionalism in production by producing such great tracks.
and if y’all find it a lil bit hard to believe,then lets cut the talk,and listen to the track :

You can visit Yung HNI on his official myspace page to listen to all of his tracks : Click Here to visit

And don’t forget to drop in your comments if you like the track (or even if you don’t like it)
Peace homies.

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