Desi Rapper Soundtrax : Desi Hip Hop ready to TAKEOVER

Its a really great time for desi hiphop fans.As we don’t have much variations of hiphop in mainstream,desi hip hop fans have always been searching for some quality music in the underground music scene.

All that the fans have been looking for is the quality in music production.And now,i think finally the wait is over.
Mumbai based desi hip hop group “B-Bay de mundey” is already a big name in underground hiphop scene.They’ve been known for their quality in music production.After dropping in several underground smash hits as “Dulla” and “Desi Gangsta”,They are takin it one step foreward now,and are really bringin it to the streets.
After making several hip hop sings,these guys are now looking foreward towards music production,collaborating with various newcoming underground artists.
After the sucess fo their new tracks “GT-Road : Scratch mix” and “ayash mundey”,they have stepped into production,producing a track named “Desi Desi” for an upcoming artist “G-Frekey”
This song has recieved positive reviews,and is a sucess for both,Frekey and Sir Manny,the producer of the song.
Among their future projects,the group has announced a mixtape called “The 172 mixtape”,which will feature several rappers from chandigarh city.
Among the confirmed tracks from the mixtape,is the bonus track which features B-Bay de Mundey,and Emenjay,who is now a mainstream artist with his collaboration with Aman Riar,a punjabi vocalist.
Looking foreward to all these projects,it seems like soon,desi hip hop is gonna takeover.
You can download the latest soundtrax from B-Bay de Mundey here. 
“Ayash Mundey”Download
“GT Road-Scratch Mix”Download
“G-Frekey:Desi Desi”Download
SO All them desi hip hop lovers,keep bumpin these trax in the hood.
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