DJ Danny – Paisa Nasha Pyaar

One of the best rappers from Pakistan, DJ Danny is back with another unreleased track from his mixtape Death Row Desi. The track is called “Paisa Nasha Pyaar”. Track has been produced by DJ Danny himself.

DJ Danny produced the beat to Paisa Nasha Pyaar same time last year . Didn’t include it on Death Row Desi because He clearly had too many songs and material on there that Danny and crack couldn’t get rid of . He decided to hold this one back .You’ll realise the laid back flow and a track that didn’t really reflect to the title given at the end of the day. So that’s why He kept this as an unreleased semi-finished joint. But now as we come closer to the 1st DRD anniversary He feels like giving these leftover tracks some shine.
This is some real talk right here. this is a must listen.
Download : Click Here

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