Enkore’s End-Of-The-Year Lists 1 : Insignian Awards

Hello and welcome to my end-of-the-year lists! This is the first..

The Insignian Awards.

Best Rappers (English):


Lyrically hot, great emotion in his voice and flows fucking well too! Just feel maybe he can work on diversifying his subject matter a bit..

Emcee Feral

Probably the hardest working rapper at Insignia.. Improved hella lot since Jan! Stilll shows some grammatical and pronunciation problems but has amazing flow.. Isn’t afraid to experiment, and his expirements more often than not pay off. Makes beats too. Damn!

GD $ingh

One of the best rappers in Insignia for commercial tracks but has been improving his lyrics steadily too. Real good flow, delivery is solid and emotions are on point.

Best Textcees:


Dominates matches. What Thierry Henry was at Arsenal at his peak, same was with InfinitZ.. He’s so good and his arrogance makes defeating him seem almost impossible. Impenetrable almost.. Though HOD and Sarosh proved otherwise. Wordplays are amazing, multies are off the wall and basically.. Some crazy muthafucking punches.

Brassic Bhai

Been going at it for a minute now and he just does not seem to let up. I personally love his structure, simplicity in his punches and the concepts he picks.. Also a mentor to loads of budding rappers.


Emerged seemingly outta nowhere to wrestle matches out of the grasp of the likes of InfinitZ, HOD, etc. Staked his claim rather emphatically as one of THE Textcess to reckon with.

Mixtape Of The Year:

The D.E.S.I. Mixtape

An amazing effort put together by Undefined Power.. Filled with bangers in Hindi, Punjabi and English.. Really showcased and represented desi rap the way it should be.

Crew Of The Year:

F.B.I. – The Verbal Prophetz

Consisting of Emcee Feral, Savanna, Rakshit, Explyrix and Sabbii, FBI have an amazing blend of many different skills and talents.. Each of their members brings something different to the table. And what’s even better is that the strengths of each member seem to rub off on the rest. Their hard-working, passionate attitude further vindicates claim for this title.

Best Rappers (Regional):

Nottie Dogg

He may not release tracks THAT often, but there is almost a regularity in his releases and even more is the consistency we’ve come to hear and expect from him. One of the best punjabi rappers around, full stop.


Seem to come out of nowhere in the D.E.S.I. Mixtape and since then has had collaborations with different rappers in Insignia and has been improving his already strong flow delivery and swag, with constantly commendable lyrics..


Started off as ‘NewGame’.. Seemed horribly wannabe and a big poser. Slowly though shed his name, his image and then he was partaking in a New Game. One of the best punjabi rappers here now, in my opinion. His flow delivery and swag are very good. But what I think gives him an edge despite maybe not being STAND-OUT at flow or swag is his delivery.. He’s one punjabi rappers who doesn’t seem to have a Bohemia-esque flow and that I really appreciate. Can work on lyrics though.

Beef Of The Year:

MWA vs. Brassic Bhai ( or Battle Shelter vs. Insignia)

The plain reason I pick this over the FBI vs. Brain Sickness beef is the rap content. There was hardly any BS(no pun intended) and most of it was based on rap. Both sides had some amazing diss tracks, either flow-wise, or lyrically. ‘Cocksuckers’ by Brassic was one of the best disses I’ve heard lyrically.. And I think this previously recurring beef brought out the best in him. And the skit was of almost legendary proportions. With MWA, though it seemed almost half-hearted and without much effort.. Almost like they had to respond more than they wanted to, their diss against Brassic and a few other Insignians – ‘With Love’ was absolutely amazing in almost all aspects.. Other than lyrics though, with Brassic clearly outshining them in that aspect. This one probably ended even, in my opinion and that’s another reason this was an amazing beef. Other than the 2 Main Event diss tracks, there were many other off-shoot disses, beefs, text battles, etc. Now though, things are cool.. And I’m a huge fan of MWA as well as Brassic Bhai!

To Look Out For in 2o1o:

Undefined Power

Despite some bangas this year, as well as some bomb beats produced by him, I feel we’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg.


He’s developing well and keeps adding new aspects to his skills. Came very close to clinching the Multies tournament recently, an evidence of his improvement in one part which seemed lacking earlier.


Seems to blend old-school and new school very well with his style, and is still only new to rapping. His tracks yell out “POTENTIAL!” to me!


Honourable Mentions:

Best Rapper (English):

Lost his place because of : Lack of activity

Lost his place because of : Didn’t develop as much as expected

Brassic Bhai
Lost his place because of : His delivery.. But even that seems to be improving now

Best Textcees:

Lost his place because of : Lack of activity

Emcee Marco
Lost his place because of : Lack of activity

MC Mash
Lost his place because of : Inconsistency


*I’ve not included the likes of MWA, Wattabottles, Ragged Skull, etc. for many awards since they wouldn’t really come under the category of ‘Insignians’

Looking forward to what you feel as comments!


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