GET IT DONE – Stash ft Ittefaq Usmani (a.k.a. 99clips)

GET IT DONE – Stash ft Ittefaq Usmani

One of the realest emcees in the game, Ittefaq Usmani, aka 99 clips, collaborates with Shivendra aka Stash, to give you this sick drop. Its called “Get It Done”. The track is a “Diss in Disguise”, as Ittefaq calls it. Stash and Ittefaq throw back to back punches on the verses, complimented by a melodious hook. Here is what ittefaq had to say about “Get it Done” when we spoke to him

“We see lotta tough talk on the net and fake beef and stuff. lyrically ppl have stooped down to the level we don’t even dig no more.So me and stash were talkin abt this and, you’re right, we thought of coming up with a track that would be a diss in disguise nahmean.Not a track full of abusive words for some ones family and shit like people nowdays do. Shame, aint it , so ya we also worked on the track’s theme and melody because THAT MATTERS !! right !! and we came up wid this track ! Its Shivendra / Stash feat Ittefaq / 99clips on this track ! and we will keep stuff coming . One Love for the real ones.”

Enjoy this sick track by Ittefaq & Stash.


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GET IT DONE - Stash ft Ittefaq Usmani (a.k.a. 99clips), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating