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Ibex is the most active and competitive underground Emcee. Influenced by reggae artists like Snow, Sean Paul and by an artist who gave an indepth view to revolution & lyricism, legend Blood ‘Damian Jr. Gong Marley’ Ibex started creating music with a versatile style that drifts from rap to dancehall to reggae. His music does not only incorporate flava but the daily hustle of music and life helps him percolate a wide range of realistic rhymes. The transitional phase of Hip Hop helps him explore new topics and areas that is otherwise untouched. He respects all elements of Hip Hop but is currently specializing in Emceeing. The journey has never been easy and he has learnt things the hard way. His dream is to dedicate his life to Hip Hop & Music. This is what he had to say as we caught up with him regarding his new release.

“Aftergetting my hands on this instrumental I knew I had to drop a Japanese theme track and as such I eventually chose “Origami” as my track title. My primary aim in my songs have been to drop quality stuff in that sense I mean the overall track quality lyrically and mix/master wise. In this drop I do get the feeling I have learnt quite a lot and am headed in the right direction while sometimes I still feel its just the beginning of the journey. This track made me take a look at the intricacy of Origami as an art form. I came up with the analogy that our feelings and experiences are bends and folds in our lives that shape us and we all, who dream are origamists as we make our moves to achieve the final end result. I did a lot of research on this topic and was blown on the pragmatic use of Origami. You can take a look at Robert Lang’s video on TED.com as he explains this complex art form. The video was very inspirational and made me get into complex creativity. I try to be as diverse in each track that I drop. I needed a female to do the chorus and was glad to get Diana do the chorus. It simply set the perfect vibes the track required. Origami is not just craft it is a creative horizon, its limitless just like our dreams.”

Origami is a part of the Ibexclusive mixtape so far I have released 5 tracks from this mixtape including the latest drop “Origami” the rest are “Guilty conscience of a player” ”You ain’t no G” “Can’t Stop” and “Decompose”. All of the tracks in the mixtape are listed on

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ibexclusive. I have not yet decided the timeline or amount of tracks to make up the mixtape am jus goin with the flow.
I am planning to drop atleast 1 track within a span of two months so I get enuff time to work on the quality of the music.

The other mixtapes that he is workin on are:
RaggaRuffin which you could take a look at here: http://www.soundclick.com/indianibex
In RaggaRuffin you can checkout the reggae in me. Dancehall, Grime are all covered in this mixtape

Hip Hop Apex
Which you could take a look at here: http://www.reverbnation.com/indianibex/songs
Watch this space for some of my top end works. I plan to only drop tracks that bring out the best in me in this mixtape.
I cannot commit on any timeline for these tracks and until I am not into production or find anyone to produce for me I cannot work on any album too. This is gonna be my grind style drop single tracks from the above mentioned mixtapes.





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