Jallandhar stand up : The Certified Homies

Well Well,with this desi hip hop explosion thing going on in india,and especially punjab,here comes another desi rap crew,this time from the streets of jallandhar.
“CH:Certified Homies” comes from the streets of jallandhar.
And to know about the crew,here’s what Shivansh A.K.A. Nati-On had to say about it.

Certified homies,Aka C-H. Tha first hip hop crew from the streets of jalandhar founded by nati-on aka shivansh malhotra and krunkhunk aka kanwar deep.. both met on the internet and decided to repp J-TOWN. unlike expected,there was a lot of talent and variety in J-town boys..so we started an experiment of making a new underground track and it was named S.W.A.G. anthem and besides that track,C-H also made a track for D.E.S.I mixtape named INTOX and that track is hitting the PUBS in the local area. C-H consists of

Nati-On a.k.a. Shivansh Malhotra : Punjabi rapper ( 19 years , been rapping since 2 years)

Lil Rov a.k.a. Arav Berry : English rap ( talks less raps more)

P-Boi aka Mandeep : Semi punjabi + Crunk

KrunkHunk aka Kanwar deep : Music producer ( been experimenting and makin hip hop shits since 4 years

C-H is different from other underground hip hop crews are that they show VARIETIES OF hip hop i.e. crunk,trip hop,reggae etc..

WE have 2 new projects and a brand new chopped and screwed punjabi version cuming its way..


last but not tha least. WE IN THERE , LIKE SWIMWEAR..

peace out.

Chek out their tracks : Click here
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