Jay Aar : “The Redemption”

In this new and emerging desi hip hop scene,comes another desi rap artist,this time from the holy city of Amritsar.Aseem Singh Randhawa,better known as Jay Aar,his stage name,emerges out of no where,with a DOUBLE DISC mixtape “The Redemption”.

Idolizing the Legendary Tupac Shakur,and Eminem,Jay Aar got into rap when he was in class 12.
Since then he has been writing rhymes,and finally came up with this mixtape “The Redemption-Vol. 1 & 2”,collaborating with some rappers from Quwait.

well,lets just cut the talk right here,and check out this fine mixtape.

Listen to “The Redemption” :

The Redemption Vol. 1 :

The Redemption vol. 2


Download “The Redemption” : Click here to download
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till next time,have fun.

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