JB (Nau Sau Bai) – “Gerhi Route” [Prod. ADX]

Concept and Music: ADX

Lyrics, Composition and Vocals: JB
The concept of this track came from the Gerhi Route.
Gerhi Route is a culture followed by the new generation of Punjab.
Basically this track is all about what girls and guys do when they are on a Gerhi in different parts of Punjab. The lyrics written by JB are easy to relate to for the Punjabis.
And what makes this track unique is the beat. The thump of the intro beat is from the Engine of an Enfield.
The Bullet Engine sound was recorded live using a Mic and a Laptop at 3 AM.
“We guys went out kick-started the Bullet and recorded the live Exhaust sound. Brought the recorded sounds back to the studio, then we chopped and sampled the best recording according to the tempo of the beat.”
This is the USP of this track because no one has ever tried something like this on a rap beat.
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