“Karma” – The FBI [Official Video]

“Karma” Is the New track from New Delhi Based Hip Hop Crew “The FBI”. The Track is all about ‘what you do is what you get’, The Quote from the track Includes “Boye Babool to Fir Aam Kaise Hoye” by ‘Explyrix’ completely says “Jo Karoge wahi Milega”. G-GRiP in the track Stood out with the Absolute Crazy delivery and Variations, Wherein Emcee Feral Starts the Track With the Bang. This is a Home Made Video in the Studio where the track was recorded, Mixed and Mastered by “Explyrix”. Video Editing was done by Explyrix Himself, however the Video/Footages were Recorded by Deep Sync. The track is from upcoming mixtape “Made in India” by Explyrix. Check out the Last Track by “The FBI” of the year 2011 Came out to be a Complete Banger.

FBI on Facebook : facebook.com/FBI4LYF

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