Delhi Hip-Hop veteran Keepsake drops his brand new single. Its called “Khwaish”, produced by Kunal Kaushal. As per Keepsake, this is the most commercial sounding track he has made till now. Here is what he had to say about the track:
“Khwaish is one of those tracks which i would describe as commercial, although i’ve recorded too many love tracks but i think this track stands out. It’s an ode too my favorite poet Mirza Ghalib, in my way. With B-E-A-Utiful production by Kunal Kaushal. Kunal and I were in same school, we know each other since the beginning of what we are doing. We both wanted to work together for so long. We’ve got a very positive response for this track. So I think we are going to do some more work together in future.
Kunal’s style of producing is full on commercial, Me, as all know hardcore underground. So we thought to mix the two and the outcome is on your speakers.”





Twitter: @IamKeepSake


Kunal Kaushal:



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