Keepsake-Yaad Karoge Mujhe Ft. Amritiesh

Keepsake Yaad Karoge Mujhe

Delhi based Hip-Hop artist KeepSake drops a new single called “Yaad Karoge Mujhe”. Keepsake has also produced the beat. The track also features vocals from Amritesh. These two previously collaborated on a Special Episode of DRS Jam Sessions.

“After the DRS Jam Session, Amritiesh and I decided to meet and make a song together. So, I Invited him to my place and and wrote the first verse and hook and recorded it with Amy singing and playing the guitar. I Kept on hearing it for a while then Amy suggested that we should make it a little up beat, initially i was dicey because up beat is really not my style but then i came aboard and made this song. There were re recording sessions and the beat was changed a several times but i think the outcome is just fine. With this track i am back in production and i hope to do a good job in future, YKM is like half real and half fiction, I think all of my people who are ‘friendzoned’ right now will relate to it. Thanks to Amy for being a part of this song.



Twitter: @IamKeepSake

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Keepsake-Yaad Karoge Mujhe Ft. Amritiesh, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings