M-Official – Officially Undefeated!

Here is a Banga of a track!

M-Official comes out with ‘Officially Undefeated’ which he certainly seems to be with the swag he got on this joint.

Some hot shit with the tried and tested formula of Punjabi+English.

I guess i’mma cut the talk and let the song itself BANG the message in!


M-Official – Officially Undefeated (direct download link)

M-Official “I’m lookin for some real rappers out there to make a crew man! Some dope dudes whom i can share a creative connection with.. if you know what i’m sayin man.. And anyways, i’m gonna be comin out with some real bangers soon..just beware man. Make sure y’all got a fire extinguisher for the blog! Haha!”

Contact M-Official Here:

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