Mc Feral : The Syllable Therapy 2

Delhi based hiphop crew FBI presents MC Feral’s new mixtape “The Syllable Therapy 2”.
Sequel to his mixtape “The Syllable Therapy”.It features different flavours of desi hiphop, including features by numerous desi underground artists as well as FBI members.

Artists : Emcee Feral, G-Grip, Explyrix, Warlock, Rob C, Femcee Vin, M Brigade, Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne.

Music Producers : Rakshit {Raw Music Records}, Sinima, Noodles, Manish Emotions, Alpha, Young Money, Nine Diamond, 2Deep, DJ Piyush, Warchild.

Mixing and Mastering : Rakshit {Raw Music records}, Emcee Feral, Nottie Dogg {KRU 172}, DJ Piyush, Explyrix, Warlock, Xtremoz Undadawgs, DJ Vishal, Warchild.

Download Links :

Download Syllable Therapy 2

Streaming link for Syllable Therapy 2

FBI The Verbal Prophets on Facebook

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