“New Urban Kid” on tha Bloc : (Need “WattaBottles” ??? )

Wassup Desi’s !!!
its your boy Nottie Dogg, and i introduce to you the newest artist on the blog.
His name is Shashank a.k.a. The Urban Kid.He is a young and promising rapper/music producer from hydrabad.
He is also the music producer for his HipHop group named “wattabottles”.He is currently workin with international artists like New York based artist “jungle” as wel as numerous local artists.
If you have a doubt in mind aout the skills that the “KID” has got,check out some of them dope trax from “The Urban KID”.The trax go li’l somethin like this :

1.You Need Me
this is a remix of keaton martel’s ‘you need me’ produced by e-motion-l productions.

2.100 Proof
Tnuk and Jungle are back on a track , Jungle on first verse and Urban Kid on the second.(beat by jungle)

3.Death of a Saint
A Diss track aimed at Boondock Saint and Swag.
(This song expresses the personal views of the artists.The Blog or the blog amins bear no relation to the track)
Check out these dope trax for now. I ‘m sure you are gonna like it.Do not forget to drop in your comments.
Chillout !!!
Peace !!!

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