Nottie Dogg presents Insignia Chartbusters vol. 1

Here are some of the top tracks of recent months,realesd on INSIGNIA RAP COMBATS,the most alive and kicking desi rap community on orkut.And yeah,Insignia got some real real hidden talent.
Check out the tracks,and you’ll get to know.So,Here are some of the coolest tracks released on Insignia.Some of them also being appraised by big names of hiphop scene.
Props to MC Sandman and ENKORE (from thisisenkore blog) for helping me in selecting these tracks.
So,sit back and enjoy Insignia’s Finest.Click links to listen and download tracks.

Nottie Dogg presents : Insignia Chartbusters Vol. 1

1. Tera Deewana- Avy-D featuring D’Brassic
2. Gimme the Mic- Southern Front
3. Step Back-Southern Front
4. Yung HNI-Main haan desi
5. Srik – Where I go Feat Aruna
6. RFR-Break though the Solitude
7. GaggyB-Fuck It
8. Young Blac Male- What’s Life
9. MC Feral Feat. Enkore-Ganxta
10. G-Frekey & Mojo-Car So Fly

11. DJ Danny – MWA Diss(Bonus Track !!!)

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