“Peekaboo” – Karsh Kale feat Apeksha, Benny & Mandeep Sethi [Coke Studio – MTV Season 2]

California based MC Mandeep Sethi aka Seti X from Slumgods, gets featured on Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2. The track also features Apeksha & Benny Dayal, and its been produced by Karsh Kale.
Karsh kale is an Indian-American producer, and is considered to be the pioneer of Asian Underground Genre. He’s been mixing Indian classical and folk with electronica, rock, pop, hip hop and ambient music

DRS caught up with Mandeep Sethi for a quick Interview about his experience at coke studio, and working with Karsh, Beny and Apeksha.

DRS: How did you get involved in Coke Studio ?
Mandeep Sethi: Karsh Kale and Brooklyn Shanti hit me up asking me to come back to India to join Karsh’s all star collectiv of folks. I had just got back from India but have always had tremendous respect for Mr. Kale and his body of work and was excited at the opportunity of collaborating with him, especially back in our homeland.

DRS: Why is this important for hip hop in India?
Mandeep.Sethi: To a certain degree, I think this will help young hip hop artists who have been struggling with the issue of legitimacy around their art form. Hip-Hop does not need to be validated by anyone outside of the culture, but this will allow folks outside the culture to get a peak of what we are all about. I think it will also shatter the image of what hip-hop looks like when they see me gettin down.

DRS: Any future plans?
Mandeep.Sethi: I’m definetely looking forward to coming back to India and working alongside my One Commission fam, making music with 2Shadez, Kru172 & Desi Beam. I have a couple new mixtapes and collaborations in the works, and am really excited to share them with my global family.

Mandeep Sethi on Facebook: facebook.com/mandeepsethiX
Mandeep Sethi on Twitter: @mandeepsethi
Mandeep Sethi on Bandcamp: mandeepsethi.bandcamp.com
Mandeep’s Official website: www.mandeepsethi.com

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