Poetik Justis – “Lifelines” [Heart To The Music]

Mixtape : Lifelines  [Heart Of The Music] :

Artist : Poetik Justis
Released : 29/04/2012
Genre : Desi Hip Hop
Number Of Tracks : 10

1. Underground King
2. Hero
3. Moners [M.O.B]
4. Stay Schemin
5. Champion [ft. Brassic Bhai]
6. Im Comin’ Home
7. Cold Wind Blows
8. Sound Off [ft. Sandman, BigDeal & Dro Pesci]
9. Lighters [ft. Trae Carter]
10. Confessions

Make Sure Y’all Have A Click On Poetik Justis Brand New Mixtape “Lifelines”. Lifelines Is An Intergrated Attempt To Redefine The Underground Hip Hop Music Scene. It Is All About Poetik Justis Story.

FREE DOWNLOAD LINK :  www.mediafire.com/?bgu9j2squv5s9jb

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Poetik Justis On YouTube : www.YouTube.com/TheGodOfRhyme

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