Poetik Justis -Underground King Pt. 2

Poetik Justis Underground King 2



Mumbai hip-hop veteran Poetik Justis drops his new track “Underground King 2”. According to Poetik Justis, this track is the “most insightful” track he has done in a while. Poetik is scheduled to drop a mixtape by the name of “Greatness”.

This is what Poetik had to say when We spoke to him regarding the track:  The track is going to be the last cover/remix type track I will be doing for a long while now. Its a bit different from a lot of my other stuff, but im exploring new content and experimenting a lot. Most probably, the next track I drop will be the first single off of my upcoming free album, ‘Greatness’.

Listen to the track here:




Poetik Justis:

Facebook Page: facebook.com/I.am.Poetik.Justis

Twitter handle: @Poetik_Justis


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