Punjabi Rap Mania : BBay De Mundey

Thinkin that Desi Rapper Show,no desi rappers ???
well,this time we introduce to you,a Punjabi rap group from amchi mumbai,BBay de mundey.This group brings a never before heard style of desi rap,with unique lyrics,music and flow.
For guys who think that all punjabi rappers copy bohemia’s style,this thing is a must.So here’s the intro :

This group consist of 3 members : Sir Manny(music producer), Avi Hans(rapper) and Sadathya Tiger(rapper).They are the first punjabi rap crew in mumbai.

1.Sir Manny : He has been into music fo 4 years. Started as a bedroom DJ, Den became a mobile DJ. Went majorly into music production after Harry Sona from Sona Family told him to do so. He is founder of B’bay de Mundey. His Favourite genres of music are HipHop, crunk, 2step n Bhangra. He generally makes hiphop beats with lil bit of desi flavour.

2.AVI HANS a.k.a. Da Punjabi Mic Killa : He’s been writing rhymes since last 5 years, inspried from various lyricists and artists like Dev Tharikewala, Babu Maan, Shamsher Sandhu, Slim Shady, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Bow Wow, Lil Flip etc. His rap flow is crazy and fast ,taking punjabi rap to new dimensions (which you will come to see in future projects).

3.SADATHYA TIGER a.k.a. Punjabi Freestylist : He hails from gurdaspur. Tiger has been writing rhymes since last 4 years, and is specialized in freestyle rap, and always on the streets looking for any opportunity to show his skills.

and if you have a doubt in mind,then you should be checking the soundtrax by now.


This is the link to the “BBay de Mundey” official Myspace page.
Check out the soundtrax and tell us how you feel.
Believe me,you will not regret this.
SO if you want more and more and more of “them ungerground celebrities”,keep visiting the desirappershow.
And as usual,Its the Nottie D-O-Double Gizzle (cuz we don’t have anyone else for writing things around here),fo shizzle saying
Chillout mayne !!!
One Love,Peace…..

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