Rap Engineers- BATAIN feat. Yaruq & Zee [Official Video]

BATAIN is a laid back, yet powerful track and takes you back in times of ‘Still Dre’ and old school Hip Hop. Music video is a part of Rap Engineers’ short film ‘GOLI’ which is being screened at different places around the globe at the moment. Video represents the lighter side of Rap Engineers and a new face of old school Hip Hop. The signature ‘Dulhan truck’ and rapping among the locals symbolizes the love for the roots. Even though the track demanded a lot of funky bling, but it was easily ignored by the Director, as none of it represents our deep roots.


Recording: Studio-051
Collaboration: Yaruq, Zee
Beat by: Webster
Audio Production: Dj Danny



Direction: Xpolymer Dar
DOP/Post: Omer Bari
i-Badshah Films
Eastlife Productions



Ali Abbas Zaidi
Adil Omar
Sahreen Khan
Talal Qureshi

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