Rebelz With A Cause – Music Video – Raja

Raja, a Rapper from Mumbai (born in Kolkata) has been Reppin the mumbai/india hip hop movement since da age of 15 by winning numerous competitions & cyphers & dropping number of tracks ranging from party bangers to conscious raps. He Copped several achievements such as Winning the War Of The Rappers at the tender age of 16 and since then Raja has gone on to perform at a number of major venues across the city including Rock Bottom, Sin City, Oro, Velvet Lounge, Zenzi and even at Blue Frog alongside The Sinister Sin. Raja also ghostwrites and is a documentary film-maker. He is Currently working on a piece about street basketball. He has also been covered by media units such as Timeout Mumbai, Zee music, Loksatta, Indian Express, and many more.

Associations: Your Damn Self: Your Damn Self (YDS) is the flagship label owned by Sin, Gullywood and Royal Family (crew established by Raja which in addition consists of Soundisc, Skeef and Scott).

Anyway, enough with the biographies. This post is about a video which raja made for his track “Rebelz with a Cause”. He was inspired by the recent political encounters and misadventures and dropped the track on 16th december. The track revolves around the current scenario in which the Indian youth is stuck in and so the track intends to make them take matters in their own hands. The Track was covered on Zing TV as well. This video stood 3rd at the Sniff International Film Festival held at Mithibhai College where there were more than 46 participating countries.

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