“Rewind” – Youngsta Ash feat. Enkore


Youngsta Ash dropped a new single which Features Enkore of Mumbai’s Rap Crew/Duo Munky Rhymz.
Song is titled “Rewind”.It has got Ash on the first ver and  Enkore on the 2nd, on the beat of the Original track by Devlin from U.K. It was mixed and mastered by Ravi Mishra of Kashkick Productions from Delhi and has the lyric video done by Mad.D a.k.a Dev Pawar from Mumbai.The track’s lyrical content basically tells about the times that people think about their past and feel down or low about what they could have been or could have done.But at the same time is celebrates the feeling of pride is being the way one really is and in being happy with what one has got.
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"Rewind" - Youngsta Ash feat. Enkore, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings