“Sachhi Gall” – Daa Parv [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back with a brand new episode. This time its none other than Daa Parv, from Desi Beam. Daa Parv has been the man behind several hits by Desi Beam. from “Main Haan Desi”, to “Dhokebaaz” to “Naam Dass Ja” and the most recent hit “Panga”, Parv has been the main man behind the control station.But everybody knows this. What you guys didn’t know was, that Parv is also a poet, and can control the mic. Check this out, as Parv holds the mic for the first time on DRS TV. Lets see Parv’s take on all these fake MC’s in the game.

Daa Parv on Facebook : facebook.com/daaparv
Daa Parv on Twitter : @DaaParv
Desi Beam on Facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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"Sachhi Gall" - Daa Parv [DRS Jam Sessions], 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating