KeepSake X Sez – Sapno Ki Nagri EP

Sapno Ki Nagri - KeepSake x Sez - Cover Art


Sapno Ki Nagri EP is the first project of the duo Sapno Ki Nagri(KeepSake & Sez).The EP consiting 4 songs is unique as every song is related to each other. It’s a story about hope, passion and freedom; freedom to express and explore new dimensions of human mindset.

Track 1: Shuruaat: The track is the start of our main story, it’s about being unique and doing what you love; not caring about anyone. As we believe that we should not be ashamed of ourselves, we should be proud at what we are doing and what we aim to achieve.

Track 2: Sapno Ka Jahan: The track is about journey of the guy(protagonist of this EP) through the realm of his dreams. How that guy strive to bring happiness to his family to himself and to everyone who support him. It’s about not giving up and moving on.

Track 3: Buddhi: This track is about two sides of the mind, one being dark-egoistic and the other being humble. The protagonist has to choose one, it’s basically about being true to yourself. Suppose we achieve all the fame, would we like to fall for the dark side of fame or we should remain humble and try to help everyone who wish to achieve that? This track potrays same image. Obviously, the protagonist is humble haha.

Track 4: Kahanikaar: Again this track is about not giving up. People try to pressurize you, they don’t want you to acheive what you desire to. It’s a whole nexus of these people and the negativity they have but will you give up? is the pressure so much that you’ll throw away your dreams? Nope, you should go for it..break the nexus and be free.


Download Sapno Ki Nagri EP: Click Here


EP Art: PCubeWorks(Panini Pandey).

Content,Vocals, Production, Mixing and Mastering: Sapno Ki Nagri.



Twitter: @IamKeepSake






Pcube Works



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