Sapno Ki Nagri-Pardesiya

Sapno Ki Nagri-Pardesiya


Keepsake & Sez dropped a brand new track called “Pardesiya”. This time, they have released the track under the name of “Sapno Ki Nagri”. The track is a part of their upcoming 4 track EP called “Shuruwaat”. The track has been produced by Sez, and Performed by KeepSake.

This is what KeepSake had to say when we asked him about “Sapno Ki Nagri”
“Sapno ki nagri is a project initiated by myself & Sez. Basically it’s about giving people good music. Letting them know that real music is still alive. ‘Pardesiya’ is the first track of the duo then and then we will release Our 4 track EP ‘Shuruwaat’”

You can listen to “Pardesiya” here:


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KeepSake’s Official Twitter Account: @IamKeepSake

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