Earthgrime – Street Lights In The Sun [Album]


Album Cover for Street Lights in the Sun
Album Cover for Street Lights in the Sun


The “Street Lights In The Sun” project is the debut album of Abhimanyu Raman a.k.a Earthgrime of the Street Academics crew from Kerala. The album was produced mostly by Grime himself, with production collaborations with his mentor Rjv Ernesto, Sajeel Kapoor a.k.a Sez, Jishnu Sudarsan and several productions by independent producers like Sajeel Kapoor and Vilexistent.
Comprising 15 tracks, and all of them collaborations, with many of the best of the underground, the album has been able to lock into a unique soundset never before heard in the indian underground, comprising of genres as diverse as hip hop/R&B, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electrorock, and trip hop.
The album has been released through Prototypal Records based in Hyderabad and run by Sameer Ul Haq a.k.a Philosameer of the erstwhile Soul’ace Crew.  The idea behind the making of this album was to bring together the best emcees and bring out a unique sound, all the while keeping lyricism in mind. Some of the names featured in the album include Fura , Microphon3, A-list, Dee MC, Maapla, Rjv Ernesto, Azuran, Poetik Justis, Youngsta Ash and a lot more.


You can buy “Street Lights in the Sun” from the following links:

Prototypal Records Official Bandcamp Page :

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