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Jaybee (JB)-Still Desi

JB aka Jaybee aka JB Nau Sau Bai as you guys might know him, is finally back, with this OG banger. The track is called “Still Desi”. Its been 2 years since JB released something. And it still sounds fresh. The track has been released on his label Global Pind records.
Here is what JB had to say when we spoke to him about the track

“After almost a 2 year GAP i am back and note down my words “i am back”. I am taking things really seriously and in this 2 year time frame I have learned a lot. I only used to Rap before thIs but now i am into music production as well and i want Get more involved in it.The more i am digging the more i am learning and for me Still Desi is a track which represents the kind of music I listen to, the kind of rap i want to write, the kind of sound i want to produce. Still desi is for all those who are in the rap game keeping it real and STILL being desi. Punjabi is a language which i want to represent and i will but in a different style in a different manner with my swag.Keeping it real keeping it desi is all i know.”


Facebook: facebook.com/jbTalkin

Twitter: @JbTalkin

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“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back once again. This time its “Dilli Te Mohali connection”. Mohali’s own G-Frekey (Desi Beam / One Commission) & Bigg Slim (Big Boom Music) team up with Bangaal & JB (Nau Sau Bai) from  New Delhi to bring out the brand new Jam Session named “Jawaab Ni Saada”. Its a mostly punjabi jam session, with a twist of bengali in between. Check this jam session, as Emcees spit back to back verses on an old skool sample, Produced by J. DePina.
An interesting thing, also is G-Frekey’s verse on the jam session. The verse has been creating lots of buzz. It has been a topic of discussion, as it seems directed at one particular person, apparently a rival MC. Y’all gotta figure that out.

Subscribe to DRS TV on youtube: youtube.com/DRSofficial

Desi Beam on Facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Nau Sau Bai on Facebook: facebook.com/Go922


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JB & Pardhaan – Keda Ni Janda [Official Video] [Promo]


Two of the giants in the underground hiphop scene collaborate, as they bring out this video. JB from Nau Sau Bai, and Pardhaan from Desi Beam drop the promo for their upcoming video “Keda Ni Jaanda”. The track is from “Breakout- The biggest Indian mixtape”. The video has been shot & directed by Sandy Goswami. Watch out for the full video, and exclusive behind the scenes footage, only on DRS TV.

Nau Sau Bai on facebook: facebook.com/Go922
Desi Beam on facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Related: Click to get more info & Download links for breakout

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Nau Sau Bai – Akh Vich Radke [Official Video]

Nau Sau Bai drop their new single “Akh Vich Radke” following the release of Adx’s Biggest Indian Mixtape – BreakOut.  Comprised of composer/producer/emcee Adx and Punjabi rap artist JB, this New Delhi based crew has been tearing up the Desi Hip-Hop scene in India ever since they released the “922 Anthem”, the title track for Universal Music India’s “Desi Hustle” Album and featured on PTC Exclusive and PTC chat show First Look. This is the group’s first single release after their split from their previous production house, BeatFactory Music.

Nau Sau Bai on Facebook :   https://www.facebook.com/Go922

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Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape

 Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape
Artist : Various Artists
Released : 03/06/2012
Genre : Desi Hip Hop   
Number Of Tracks : 11

01. Keda Ni Janda – Pardhaan (Desi Beam) & JB (922)
02. Vicinity Killers – Enkore (MunkyRhymez)
03. Play it Loud – Kru172
04. Ghatak – Shady
05. Chakk Fatte – GD Singh Feat. ADX
06. Underground Affair – D’Evil
07. Piche Piche Aake – Rob-C & N-Gritz / Lovepreet
08. Super Supastar – MC Feral
09. Break the Rules – 2Shadez
10. O.M.F.S. – Ittefaq A.K.A. 99 Clips
11. Amaar Zindagi – Bangal Feat. Nau Sau Bai

Bonus Tracks:
01. Love Ho Gaya – Desi Playaaz
02. Kudi Freaky Freaky – Nau Sau Bai

Adx drops his very first Mixtape “BreakOut – Biggest Indian Mixtape” featuring some of the best Indian MCs covering lyrics written in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi and Bengali.

According to Adx, BreakOut, is not just a mixtape its a state of mind.

“There are too many talented people out there who hardly get a chance to come out of their shell and grow, this is them breaking out and growing.

I have heard big producers ignoring/rejecting/wasting talented artists, making them wait endlessly, but once i witnessed the same myself i decided not to be a loser and took matter into my own hands and that is when i Broke Out.

The sole concept of putting out this mixtape is to get the featured artists the audience they would never reach otherwise.

This is the beginning of a movement, a Battallion of Desi Hip-Hop is born in India, by Indians. I hope to make a better world for Desi Hip-Hop and its Artists, towards a better future.
One Love!”

In total, BreakOut has 11 tracks featuring artists like Pardhaan(Desi Beam), 2-Shadez, Bangal, Enkore, Kru172 etc.

There are two Bonus tracks on the tape. First one featuring “Desi Playaz” of “Chal Jhoothi” fame singing a groovy club track titled “Love Ho Gaya”

and 2nd song “Kudi Freaky Freaky” is a cover track by Nau Sau Bai of Panjabi MC’s remix “Freaky Like That” from The Raj album, originally sung by Yung Texxus.

Nau Sau Bai also have a new video lined up for release for their 1st Single after their split from their previous production house, the track is titled “Akh Vich Radke”.

Download the mixtape here : Click to download
Alternate Download Link : Click here to download

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BreakOut – Dekh Amaar Zindagi (Track Promo #11)

Check Out The 11th Promo Of ADX’s Mixtape “BreakOut” , “Dekh Amaar Zindagi” By Bangal & 922. Again Produced By The Main Man “ADX” Himself. Check It Out & Watch Out For The Release.

BreakOut: http://www.facebook.com/breakoutbim
Nau Sau Bai: http://www.facebook.com/Go922
Bangal: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1022266038

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Enkore – “Vicinity Killers” (BreakOut Promo 2)

The Second Promo of ADX Mixtape “BreakOut”Has Been Released, Check Out Nau Sau Bai In A Collboration With Enkore From The Monkey Rhymes In “Vicinity Killers”. Check It Out!

Enkore On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/ThisIsEnkore
Nau Sau Bai On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/Go922

BreakOut , The Mixtape On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/BreakOutBIM

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922 Live at IP College [Coverage by DRS TV]

Check out this video, as JB & ADX rock the stage at IP college for women, new delhi
The DRS crew was there for an exclusive coverage of the show. 922 performed many of their hit singles, as well as some fresh tracks from their upcoming projects.

922 on facebook : facebook.com/Go922

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Nau Sau Bai (922) – The Album

Album : Nau Sau Bai – 922
Released : 27/08/2011
Label : Beat Factory Music
Format : Digital Release
Genre : Desi Hip/Hop
Number Of Tracks : 13
Executive Producer :  Gaurav Dayal (Beat Factory Music)

Track List :
1. Pink Vodka
2. Intro – Nau Sau Bai
3. Tumbi Riding Gangsters
4. Sheran De Bache
5. Ik Din
6. Gamaan Di Raat
7. Boom Boom Jawani
8. Desi Lifestyle
9. Khule Karche
10. Jawani Teri
11. Night Out
12. Bottles On Me
13. 922 Anthem
After the hit single “Nau Sau Bai”, Ikka JB, and ADX are back with their Debut album, titled 922. The much awaited album is released as a digital release as of now. Album contains 13 smashing tracks, each one having their own flavor.
A Must Check Out Album For All Desi Hip/Hop Lovers !
Listen / Buy online : Click Here

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ADX – Kush – Desi Wala Remix

Check out this Sick remix, as ADX is back here with his own version of Dr. Dre’s hit Detox Single “Kush”,, which features Snoop Dogg & Akon.

ADX calls it “Kush-The Desi Wala Remix”. A Must listen, a fusion of Pure Desi Flavor with some West Coast Gangsta Beats.

So Check out ADX in “Kush-Desi Wala Remix”

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