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The Virtue of Solidarity Ft. Siri & DonnyJ


KRTK MUZK drops his first major collaboration after his transformation from KeepSake to KRTK MUZK. The track is called “The Virtue of Solidarity”, and features DonnyJ and Siri. The beat has been produced by Krtk Muzk as well. He has been really impressive as a producer lately. In addition to being one of the best hindi lyricists in the game, He is probably going to be one of the best Producers as well. Do check out this track, and let us know what you feel about this one.

Connect with Krtk Muzk :

Instagram: instagram.com/krtkmuzk
Twitter: @KrtkMuzk
Facebook: facebook.com/KrtkMuzk

Connect with Siri :
Facebook: facebook.com/siriusblack.iris
Instagram: instagram.com/this_is_sirius
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/siri-narayan-1

Twitter: @verysirious

Connect with DonnyJ :
Facebook: facebook.com/iamdonnyj
Instagram: instagram.com/realdonnyj

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/realdonnyj
Twitter: @realdonnyj

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KeepSake – Bad Man Flow Ft. Fotty Seven (Prod. By KeepSake)

Keepsake is one emcee who never disappoints. And he is back again with BAD MAN FLOW. The track also features Fotty Seven. And this time, Keepsake is not only killing the beat, he has produced it as well.

So read the words “BAD MAN FLOW” again, these would be stuck in your head for a while now, after listening to this song. Y’all should also watch out for Fotty Seven. These guys go hard on the beat. Here is what Keepsake had to say when we asked him about the track:

I conceived the idea of BMF a long time ago while I was at a friends place discussing music with him. BMF is different than any other of my tracks, normally I do not do this stuff. But, once in a while it’s okay to just have fun so this is exactly that. My listeners should not take this track seriously, also My very good friend Ankit Gudwani a.k.a. Fotty Seven is also on the track. I swear I was dyeing to work with this guy, he is immensely talented and I love his style, ya’ll should really check out his stuff he is dope. This song was the perfect opportunity to work with him. Also, just like my previous song I have given a nod to another 90’s phenomenon Bad Man himself Mr.Gulshan Grover. This is dedicated to him.”

Connect with Keepsake on

Facebook: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage
Twitter: @IamKeepSake

Fotty Seven:
Facebook: facebook.com/47.rapkingz

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Calling You Out – (Audio) | Dee MC | The N

For the 3rd consecutive year, Dee MC has dropped a track on October 30th, her first two tracks being “Talk My Way” (2013) prod. by Kru172 and Greenhouse Effect(2014) Prod. by Afzal Minhaaj

The track is called “Calling You Out”, and has been produced by The N.  It is a soulful feel good track talking about the mind state of a person who is heartbroken. But unlike being just about a heartbreak, the track sees the person talking to their inner self about how they have changed because of whatever happened in the past. So in the end, the person urges his inner self to let go the past, cause he/she is being Called Out.

You can connect with Dee MC and The N here:

Dee MC:

Facebook: facebook.com/DeeMCOfficial
Twitter: @Deepa_DeeMC

The N:

Facebook: facebook.com/nasirhitammusic
Twitter: @nasirhiphop


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Hold On, To Love – The N and The Quixotic

Hold On, To Love – The N  x  The Quixotic

The fall of Sunday witnessed a drop from a rather unexpected duo dubbed ‘The Lab’ but interestingly seems that The N and The Quixotic thought to keep it a single collaborative venture into a new soundscape arguably never heard of in at least the Indian rap scenario. The song basically has a highly pimped beat of the track ‘Vistas’ by Tree Ess. Though Hold On, To Love sounds nothing like we have had before.  It’s certainly encouraging to see how The N really is bringing new stuff hidden inside his mind (and maybe his workstation). The track not only has The N spitting after a gap from Prologue, his may release but also brings The Quixotic back from his classic drop Ain’t The End. When asked about the process, N spoke out that the track has taken nowhere beyond 18 hours including everything to be what it is as we listen! Pardon me but this makes me real hyped up for what N’s third EP ‘Amora’ has in store for us.

The track features a somewhat electronic and dusty hook performed by The Quixotic as well as a bar in unbelievably accurate female voice by The N. The lyrics are on point, the beat is unfathomably a break-off from the regular and also, the whistle element at end gives a sweet packaging to the whole feel of the song. All in all, we are eager to check the true potential of this beautifully monstrous duo!

The N:

Facebook: facebook.com/nasirhitammusic
Twitter: @NasirHipHop

The Quixotic:

Facebook: facebook.com/shashwat.t.mishra
Twitter: @TheQuix

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Delhi Hip-Hop veteran Keepsake drops his brand new single. Its called “Khwaish”, produced by Kunal Kaushal. As per Keepsake, this is the most commercial sounding track he has made till now. Here is what he had to say about the track:
“Khwaish is one of those tracks which i would describe as commercial, although i’ve recorded too many love tracks but i think this track stands out. It’s an ode too my favorite poet Mirza Ghalib, in my way. With B-E-A-Utiful production by Kunal Kaushal. Kunal and I were in same school, we know each other since the beginning of what we are doing. We both wanted to work together for so long. We’ve got a very positive response for this track. So I think we are going to do some more work together in future.
Kunal’s style of producing is full on commercial, Me, as all know hardcore underground. So we thought to mix the two and the outcome is on your speakers.”



Website: therealkeepsake.com

Facebook: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage

Twitter: @IamKeepSake


Kunal Kaushal:

Facebook: facebook.com/KunalOfficial


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U n Me – Iraj & Sean Kingston Ft. Sonu Kakkar , Janani & Bohemia


Sri-Lankan Hip-Hop producer Iraj releases his much anticipated International collaboration “U n Me”. The track has a massive line-up, featuring Sean Kingston, Sonu Kakkar, Janani & None other than the Punjabi Rap Star Bohemia. The track has been a topic of talk even before its release.

Iraj is Sri Lanka’s maestro of hip-hop and the island’s new generation star. Going where no local star has gone before, Iraj has amazed Sri Lanka’s music moguls through his unprecedented climb to the helm of the island’s entertainment industry.

Sonu Kakkar is a versatile singer who has come up a long way in a very short span of time. After listening her full-throated voice sandeep chowta promised to give her an opportunity to sing in his next film.

She made her debut with the film Dum starred Vivek Oberoi and Diya Mirza with the Most Popular Song Of The Year 2003 Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo picturised on Yana Gupta. This ultimate Raunching Dance Number really makes E.Niwas’s Dum eminently worthwhile.

Dedicating nearly his entire life to music and achieving superstardom when he was just 17, Sean Kingston has amassed an untold amount of experience as a singer/songwriter over the years. On his third-full length album Back 2 Life, the 23-year-old builds on that experience by greatly expanding his songwriting role, nixing the multi-producer approach of his last release, and pushing for a fresh new sound. 

Known world-wide as the creator of Punjabi rap, Bohemia is a rapper and a music producer from California. He started his career as a near-novelty, a Desi teenager from California, delivering, hardcore rap music, a style of music which was unheard of at the time. But within a few years he has pretty much reinventing the Desi pop music scene and influenced not only youth to start rhyming Punjabi lyrics to hip-hop beats, but the Bollywood superstars as well.

Bohemia quickly gained popularity with his independent debut album, ‘Vich Pardesan De’ [In the foreign land] hitting Top 10 on BBC Radio UK. The following album, ‘Pesa nasha pyar’ [Money, intoxication, love] became the first full-length Punjabi rap album released by a major label in history. It brought Bohemia increased popularity, including his recent multi-record deal with music mogul Universal Music [2006 – 2009]. This brought his creation of ”Punjabi rap” to mainstream recognition, making Bohemia pioneer of a new genre of music known as ‘Desi-Hip-Hop’ or ‘Desi-rap’.



Facebook: facebook.com/irajw

Twitter: @irajonline

Sonu Kakkar:

Facebook: facebook.com/SonuKakkar

Twitter: @SonuKakkar

Sean Kingston:

Facebook: facebook.com/seankingston

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@SeanKingston


Facebook: facebook.com/realbohemia

Twitter: @iambohemia



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“Rewind” – Youngsta Ash feat. Enkore


Youngsta Ash dropped a new single which Features Enkore of Mumbai’s Rap Crew/Duo Munky Rhymz.
Song is titled “Rewind”.It has got Ash on the first ver and  Enkore on the 2nd, on the beat of the Original track by Devlin from U.K. It was mixed and mastered by Ravi Mishra of Kashkick Productions from Delhi and has the lyric video done by Mad.D a.k.a Dev Pawar from Mumbai.The track’s lyrical content basically tells about the times that people think about their past and feel down or low about what they could have been or could have done.But at the same time is celebrates the feeling of pride is being the way one really is and in being happy with what one has got.
Youngsta Ash on Facebook:
Enkore on Facebook:
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