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Bangaal – Changes

Bangaal – Changes

You might know him from the feature on the massive “Jawaab Ni Saada” DRS Jam Sessions episode. Bangaal, who has been out of limelight for some time now, has recently released a track titled “Changes”

Bangaal plays some extra synths over a Mac Miller beat, raps to it. He talks about the transformation that he has been going through as a person, and how he has grown as an artist and as a person over the years.

Here is what Bangaal told DRS about his new track “Changes”:

Well, This song means alot to me. As the name itself says ‘changes’, Things in my life have changed inside out. I no more feel emptiness and darkness, it’s like I’ve got someone in my life for whom my mind and heart both were desperate to meet!

A boy turning into a man,A kid growing up and becoming responsible, A man starting to value his time and money!

And all of this has happened just because of her.

I think, even the people who don’t understand my language would get the same vibe as I get when I listen to this song!

Connect with Bangaal:

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“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back once again. This time its “Dilli Te Mohali connection”. Mohali’s own G-Frekey (Desi Beam / One Commission) & Bigg Slim (Big Boom Music) team up with Bangaal & JB (Nau Sau Bai) from  New Delhi to bring out the brand new Jam Session named “Jawaab Ni Saada”. Its a mostly punjabi jam session, with a twist of bengali in between. Check this jam session, as Emcees spit back to back verses on an old skool sample, Produced by J. DePina.
An interesting thing, also is G-Frekey’s verse on the jam session. The verse has been creating lots of buzz. It has been a topic of discussion, as it seems directed at one particular person, apparently a rival MC. Y’all gotta figure that out.

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