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“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back once again. This time its “Dilli Te Mohali connection”. Mohali’s own G-Frekey (Desi Beam / One Commission) & Bigg Slim (Big Boom Music) team up with Bangaal & JB (Nau Sau Bai) from  New Delhi to bring out the brand new Jam Session named “Jawaab Ni Saada”. Its a mostly punjabi jam session, with a twist of bengali in between. Check this jam session, as Emcees spit back to back verses on an old skool sample, Produced by J. DePina.
An interesting thing, also is G-Frekey’s verse on the jam session. The verse has been creating lots of buzz. It has been a topic of discussion, as it seems directed at one particular person, apparently a rival MC. Y’all gotta figure that out.

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Love Saraf & BIG Slim – “When I Ride” [Official Teaser]

BIG Slim , Who Was A Part Of The First DRS Jam Session Has Now Released The Promo/Teaser Video Of His Upcoming Track “When I Ride” Along With Love Sharaf. Taken From The Album “Section 420” , Produced By Shree Harbans Lal Saraf. Check It Out & Spread It To The Fullest!

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“Just Messin’ Around ” [DRS Jam Sessions] – GD Singh, G Frekey, Big Slim & Kru172

GD Singh, G Frekey, Big Slim & Kru172, just havin fun at the DRS Studios, and droppin some random verses. The video gets interesting towards the end as GD Singh drops a killer freestyle.
DRS Jam sessions, brought to you by DRS TV.

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