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Checkmate [DRS Jam Sessions] – Cash Kards & GD Singh


DRS Jam sessions is back with a brand new episode. This time its Cash Kards teaming up with GD Singh for “Checkmate”. It has been filmed by Harry Cheema in Chandigarh.

The beat has been produced by Cash kardz aka MC Fresco. Check this video out, as Cash Kardz and GD Singh drop back to back verses in English & Punjabi.


Cash Kardz:

Facebook: facebook.com/cashkardzofficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cash-kardz
Youtube: Fresco muzzikk

GD Singh:

Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper
Twitter: twitter.com/dasikhrapper
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dasikhrapper
Instagram: instagram.com/dasikhrapper
Youtube: youtube.com/dasikhrapper


Website: desirappershow.com
Twitter: @DesiRapperShow
Instagram: @DesiRapperShow
Facebook: facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow


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Nothing to Something – Cash Kardz and Mumbais Finest

Nothing to Something – Cash Kardz and Mumbais Finest

Nothing to something is a song that talks about the struggle that an emcee goes through trying to make it big in india. This is a song purely for the love of hip hop and what hip hop has given us and how it has affected and changed our lives.

The track features – Cash kardz aka Mc Fresco, Kinga Rhymes and Ace aka 39 from Mumbais Finest

The track is mixed and mastered by Cash kardz
The video is shot and edited by Ace aka 39 and it is his directorial debut.
The beat is produced by Rocket Science Productions.

The track also features a cameo by B boy Ninja aka Mc Shinobi and also the ‘Funky Disodaz’ b boying crew.

Also, MF will be dropping the ‘Talli Dance ‘ video on holi!

You can reach Mumbai’s finest on the following links:



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