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AflaRani (Nucleya Bass Rani Cover) | Aflatunes ft. Shraddha Sharma & Enkore

This just might be the best thing that you’re going to see in the next few days. Also, if you loved the BASS RANI album by Nucleya, you’re surely in here for a treat.

This sick Acapella group Aflatunes just dropped this sick video, covering various songs on BASS RANI album. They call it AFLA RANI. In Addition to that, the video also features rapper ENKORE, And youtube sensation Shraddha Sharma. This video is a must watch for everyone!

You can connect with the artists here:

Facebook: facebook.com/aflatunes
Twitter : @aflatunes
Instagram : instagram.com/aflatunes

Shraddha Sharma:
Facebook : facebook.com/ssrockin
Twitter : @shraddhasharma6

Facebook : facebook.com/thisisenkore

Twitter : @thisisenkore


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EMCEE DAPPEAR- 50 Cent “My Life ft Adam Levine” cover/remix

EMCEE DAPPEAR- 50 Cent “My Life ft Adam Levine” cover/remix

Emcee Dappear drops another fresh video. This time a cover of 50 Cent’s “My Life”, which features Adam Levine from Maroon 5. The video has been directed & Edited by Romi Kahlon & Cigga. Emcee Dappear is known for his flows, and consistancy in his work. Check out the brand new video and let us know how u feel.
Emcee Dappear’s Facebook Fanpage: Click Here


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