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Youngsta Ash: Dead Presidents

Youngsta Ash: Dead Presidents

Yash Chandra,a.k.a. Youngsta Ash just released a new single titled “Dead Presidents”. It has Two verses by Ash on the instrumental of the Original track by Jay-Z. The track has been mixed and mastered by Ravi Mishra of Kashkick Productions from Delhi and has the lyrics video done by Mad.D a.k.a Dev Pawar from Mumbai.

This is what Ash had to say when asked about the track:
“The track mainly contains flex-centric lyrics.As a prodigy from the indian underground the main motto of creating this song was to make a mark for myself as a respectable lyricist so this song has a lot of double ententes word plays, metaphors and punches as I’ve explored different dimensions of different topics but did not have a straight up lyrical track with the elements as mentioned above. I’ve been a great fan of Jay-Z and even a greater fan of his original track DEAD PRESIDENTS.The beat was perfect for me to deliver strong lyricism so I chose.”

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