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MC Heam – MuJhsa Banke Dikhade [Official Music Video]

MC Heam’s First Official Music Video “MuJhsa Banke Dikhade” is Out Now. The Track is taken From MC Heam’s Upcoming Mixtape “Veda Astra” & is also an Entry for Hopsin’s “Don’t Funk Up Our Beats” contest. The Video Is Edit By Romi Kahlon & Direct By Anshul Narain.
MC Heam on Facebook : www.facebook.com/iamheam
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Emcee Dappear – The Motto [Official Music Video]

Emcee Dappear with another BIG Release, “The Motto” is the Second Release after Emcee Dappear’s Mixtape “Methodical Melodies”. Track Is Released with an Official Music Video , Directed & Edit by Romi Kahlon.

Emcee Dappear Over Facebook : Click Here
Romi Kahlon Over Facebook : Click Here
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E-Raize – The Notebook

New Delhi based rapper E-Raize drops his new joint “The Notebook”. The track focuses on the amount of impact that money has in today’s life. The fact that makes this track is that E-Raize drops verses in 3 different languages i.e. Hindi, Punjabi and English. Listen to this track if u want to listen to some real talk, as new promising talent keeps comin up every day from the underground.

Download : Click here
E-Raize on Facebook : facebook.com/ekesh.tewari

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Emcee Feral – The Wall

MC Feral is back with his fresh number called “The Wall.”
The wall is the first single from MC Feral’s Upcoming Mixtape “The Refill”. This mixtape would be available for free download soon. The track is the first single released after their much successful Mixtape “Inkounter”.
A Really nice track, MC Feral tries to deviate from his usual style, Blending some of hindi lyrics along with english. A must listen if u are looking for some real talk.

Track is available for download exclusively by Desi Rapper Show :

MC Feral Official Facebook Page

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Raw Music Records Presents ” Inkounter “-The Mixtape

Mixtape : Inkounter

Artist : The F.B.I – The Verbal Propehtz

Released : 15/07/2011

Format : CD

Genre : Desi Hip/Hop

Number of Tracks : 10 + A Bonus Beat

Album Duration : 34 Mins

Production / Label : Raw Music Records

Price: Rs. 150.00

Album Track List :

1. Intro – The F.B.I

2. Long Gone – Emcee Feral

3. Ki Haal – G-Grip

4. You Hate , We Party – Explyrix & G-Grip

5. I’m Rolling – Emcee Feral & G-Grip

6. Dil To Ni Sochna 3 – Emcee Feral & G-Grip

7. To Haters With Love – Emcee Feral , Explrix & G-Grip

8. I’m Dyin’ – Emcee Feral & G-Grip

9. Yeh To Public Hai – Emcee Feral , Explyrix & G-Grip

10. Main Challa – Emcee Feral & G-Grip (Prod. DJ Piyush)

*Bonus Track*

11. Break Away ” RMR Beat ”

The Mixtape is a combination of Desi and Urban Hiphop. With production comes from FBI producer Rakshit, and DJ Piyush and Vocals by MC Feral, G-Grip and Explyrix, this mixtape is a must listen for all the hiphop lovers. It is available all over India as a CD at a price of Rs 150. People interested to buy can contract the following persons in various regions across India to buy the mixtape. Show full support to Underground Hiphop by purchasing the mixtape.

1. New Delhi/NCR

Piyush Wason : +91-9910011328

Rakshit Bahal : +91-9811844089

G-Grip : +91-9654329211

Vikrant Negi : +91-9818636054

2. Mumbai

Ankur Johar : +91-9820919525

3. Phagwara/Jalandhar/Kapurth​ala/Ludhiana/Amritsar

Tanvir Bhanot : +91-9815272106

4). Chandigarh/Mohali

Navdeep Singh: +91-9876439497

5. Hyderabad

Darshan Sirigiri : +91-8886027000 Or +91-9866808888.

6. Chennai

Bigg Bikk : +91-9840486054

For Further Enquiries and updates, on how to get INKOUNTER in your city, join FBI-The Verbal Prophetz [Official Facebook Page]

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Nau Sau Bai-922 feat. Gaurav Dayal

Delhi Based Desi Hiphop Group Nau Sau Bai, performing their new single “922” feat. Gaurav Dayal.
Off their upcoming album, and also a part of Universal “Desi Hustle” project.
Its got JB and Ikka on th verses.This fully pimped up video Features ADX, JB, Ikka and Gaurav Dayal.
This is one smashing track.A Must Listen for all desi hiphop fans.This video is a huge success and got major airplay on PTC networks.

Official website : go922.com
Facebook : Nau Sau Bai on Facebook

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Mc Feral : The Syllable Therapy 2

Delhi based hiphop crew FBI presents MC Feral’s new mixtape “The Syllable Therapy 2”.
Sequel to his mixtape “The Syllable Therapy”.It features different flavours of desi hiphop, including features by numerous desi underground artists as well as FBI members.

Artists : Emcee Feral, G-Grip, Explyrix, Warlock, Rob C, Femcee Vin, M Brigade, Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne.

Music Producers : Rakshit {Raw Music Records}, Sinima, Noodles, Manish Emotions, Alpha, Young Money, Nine Diamond, 2Deep, DJ Piyush, Warchild.

Mixing and Mastering : Rakshit {Raw Music records}, Emcee Feral, Nottie Dogg {KRU 172}, DJ Piyush, Explyrix, Warlock, Xtremoz Undadawgs, DJ Vishal, Warchild.

Download Links :

Download Syllable Therapy 2

Streaming link for Syllable Therapy 2

FBI The Verbal Prophets on Facebook

Your valued feedback and critique is most welcome.

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