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Mandeep Sethi – “Aajna Chakra” [Mixtape]

Stream & Download Mandeep Sethi’s Brand New Mixtape For *FREE*. A 17 Track Mixtape Featuring Artist’s From All Over The World Including ; Hoodini , Manmeet Kaur , Swami Baracus & A Lot More. Productions By Raidon , KinG , DviousMindz , Taz & Much Much More.
Make Sure Ya’ll Check It Out & Spread It To The Fullest!
Mandeep Sethi On Facebook : www.facebook.com/mandeepsethiX
Mandeep Sethi On Twitter : twitter.com/#!/mandeepsethi
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Emcee Dappear – “Tanha Hu Mein” [Teaser/Promo]

Check Out The Music Video Teaser Of Emcee Dappear’s Upcoming Track “Tanha Hu Mein” , Another Solo Track Which Will Be Out This April! Can’t Miss This One .. Trust Me!
Emcee Dappear On Facebook : Click Here
Emcee Dappear On Twitter : @DarpanSharma90
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“I’m the Boss – Emcee Feral [Stay Schemin’s Cover Rick Ross – 2012]”

Ain’t No One Stopping Emcee Feral , Tracks After Tracks. Here Is Another One , Check Out Emcee Feral’s Brand New Release “I’am The Boss” , A Cover Version Of “Stay Schemin”.
Emcee Feral on Facebook : www.facebook.com/fbi.emcee.feral
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Sinister – Braggin Remix ft. Chinx , Roti , Tommy Spitz [Prod. Skosha Muzik]

After the phenomenal success of the release of his first single “Braggin” ft label mate Roti off of his debut mix tape “Aviator Music”, Sinister has released the official Braggin remix produced by the talented Skosha Muzik. It will feature fellow Toronto MC’s Tommy Spitz,Chinx,Cruz & Roti. This superb line up of up and coming mc’s is nothing short of a classic remix with a unique blend of different styles and flavours. The official remix will be featured on his new yet to be released EP titled “Sin City”. With a variety of worldwide producers,extremely talented MC’s, skits and creativity without a doubt it will be another classic street album for all of his dedicated fans.

Sinister On Twitter : twitter.com/ThaRealSinister
Download The Track : http://hu.lk/zx4wklso82vh

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Enkore – Beatdown [Mixtape]

 Mixtape : Beatdown

Artist : Enkore
Released : January 10, 2011
Format : Digital Release
Genre : Desi Hip/Hop
Number Of Tracks : 19
Album Duration : 44:10
Production : Various
Price : Free Download

One of the best few artistes that is an active part of the hip-hop revolution that is slowly but steadily taking over India, releases BeatDown.

Enkore’s take on a lot of the recent hits and hip-hop favourites.

With a lot of different topics and moods on the mixtape, this guarantess to have at least one song for every person and every mood. 

 Download Beatdown For Free : Click Here
 Enkore’s Blog : thisisenkore.blogspot.com
Enkore on Facebook : facebook.com/thisisenkore
 Enkore on Twitter : @ankur_enkore
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“Agressive Progression” – Rob C and N-Gritz [Powered by DHH.com]

Desi Rapper Show teams up with DesiHipHop.com to bring you all the latest happenings, cyphers, battles, interviews & exclusives from all the hottest underground artists all across South Asia. Here is the first video from the collaborative effort. A fresh DRS Jam session, featuring Rob-C from Chandigarh and N-Gritz from Mohali. Check this live jam session out y’all.

Powered by : desihiphop.com

Desi Rapper Show on facebook : facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow
Desi Rapper Show on Twitter : @DesiRapperShow
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