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Rapper’s Delight-Pardhaan & Harry Cheema [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions returns, with one of the biggest episodes of the season. The brand new episode, called “Rapper’s Delight”, features two of the most influential rappers from the Indian Underground Hip-Hop Scene. Harry Cheema, the man who took Underground Hip-Hop to National TV in India’s Got Talent Season 1, Teams up with Pardhaan, the man crowned as “Pioneer of Hindi Rap” by BOHEMIA himself. The beat is produced by Harry Cheema. Check this Jam Session out, as Pardhaan and Harry Cheema throw heavy punches back to back.

Harry Cheema & Pardhaan-Rapper’s Delight [DRS Jam Sessions] from DRS TV on Vimeo.



Facebook: facebook.com/aslipardhaan
Twitter: @aslipardhaan
Instagram: @pardhaan
Youtube: youtube.com/aslipardhaan

Harry Cheema:

Facebook: facebook.com/HarryCheemaMusic
Twitter: @cheema_harmeet
Instagram: @iamcheema
Youtube: youtube.com/harry3037



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Checkmate [DRS Jam Sessions] – Cash Kards & GD Singh


DRS Jam sessions is back with a brand new episode. This time its Cash Kards teaming up with GD Singh for “Checkmate”. It has been filmed by Harry Cheema in Chandigarh.

The beat has been produced by Cash kardz aka MC Fresco. Check this video out, as Cash Kardz and GD Singh drop back to back verses in English & Punjabi.


Cash Kardz:

Facebook: facebook.com/cashkardzofficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cash-kardz
Youtube: Fresco muzzikk

GD Singh:

Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper
Twitter: twitter.com/dasikhrapper
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dasikhrapper
Instagram: instagram.com/dasikhrapper
Youtube: youtube.com/dasikhrapper


Website: desirappershow.com
Twitter: @DesiRapperShow
Instagram: @DesiRapperShow
Facebook: facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow


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“Sachhi Gall” – Daa Parv [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back with a brand new episode. This time its none other than Daa Parv, from Desi Beam. Daa Parv has been the man behind several hits by Desi Beam. from “Main Haan Desi”, to “Dhokebaaz” to “Naam Dass Ja” and the most recent hit “Panga”, Parv has been the main man behind the control station.But everybody knows this. What you guys didn’t know was, that Parv is also a poet, and can control the mic. Check this out, as Parv holds the mic for the first time on DRS TV. Lets see Parv’s take on all these fake MC’s in the game.

Daa Parv on Facebook : facebook.com/daaparv
Daa Parv on Twitter : @DaaParv
Desi Beam on Facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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“The Light and The Dark” – 2ShadeZ [DRS Jam Sessions]

2ShadeZ in DRS Studios for a Jam Session this time. This is the 3rd video in the “DRS Jam Sessions” series. Slyck droppin some dope verses in english and then hindi, and ZaN bustin a freestyle at the end and bringin it alive.Official 2shadez website : 2Shadez.com 
2Shadez on facebook : facebook.com/2shadez

DRS on facebook : facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow 
DRS on Twitter : @DesiRapperShow

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“Desi Beam on DRS” [ DRS Jam Session ] – Desi Beam

Desi Beam’s own Yung Hni, MoJo & Pardhaan jamming in the DRS Studios, bustin some dope rhymes. Check this out as they present a blend of Punjabi, Hindi and English rap, performing verses from their upcoming tracks. Desi Hip hop to the finest.Desi Beam official website : http://www.desibeam.com
Desi Beam on Facebook : Click Here

Yung Hni on Twitter : @yunghni
Pardhaan on Twitter : @aslipardhaan
Mojo on Twitter : @carelessmojo

DRS on facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow
DRS on Twitter : @DesiRapperShow

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