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SETI X is an abandonment of time, space and relativity. SETI X (Sounds of Extraterrestrial Intelligence ) is a regiment of future focused conscious thinking; an overstanding that we do not stand alone here on Planet Earth, but rather we are individual reflections of our ancient alien ancestors.
The output of SETI X is reflected through a manipulation of color, light, sound, and energy and is guided by the natural forces of the galaxy.
The Sounds of Extraterrestrial Intelligence have arrived on Planet Earth.

THIRD ORBIT || The Return of the Original Gods

All Instrumentals Produced by WISECHILD.

All Lyrics Written & Performed by SETI X.

All Songs Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Henry “Prof. H” D’Ambrosio.

All Design by Nisha K. Sembi of Kalakari Crew.


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Emcee Dappear: Tum Hi Ho [Hip-Hop Remix]

Emcee Dappear: Tum Hi Ho [Hip-Hop Remix]

Emcee Dappear drops his hiphop remix to the hit bollywood single “Tum Hi Ho”. The Track has been produced by DJ Sez. It has an Electro / Dubstep kinda feel. It features a fresh bridge and verses by Emcee Dappear. Dappear drops a verse in Hindi for the first time. Check this great remix out by Dappear and Sez.


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B’Bay De Mundey – GT Road 2012 (Dubstep)

The Boys from Bombay are back again. B’Bay De Mundey are back with their new track “GT Road 2012”. Its a dubstep remix to their hit track “GT Road”. B’Bay De Mundey has been keepin’ it live since back in the days. They’ve built a name for themselves by their unique sounds and lyrics. Their songs Ayaash Mundey and GT road have been massive in UK, US and Canada. After being out of the scene for quite a long time, they’re back with a bang. This song is a must listen. Available for download exclusively on Desi Rapper Show.

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